4 Reasons Your Business is Not Getting Results


Your expertise is in the service or product that you provide.

You most likely picked up the other attributes needed to be a business owner on the job. That’s all good and well for some aspects of what you’re trying to achieve, but it can be fatal when it comes to your online presence.

Because the competition is so fierce, it’s imperative that you ensure your digital space is operating as healthily as it can.


#1 You’re Not Tracking Enough

You should be tracking everything when it comes to digital space.And the good news is that it’s never been easier to do so, so what’s your excuse?

You can have access to vast amounts of data that tell you who your customers are, what they’re looking for, how they’re looking for it, and so on.

You essentially have all the keys to getting your ideal customer in the bag.

Some areas you might have thought of tracking include a cursor heat map, which tells where your customer is pointing their mouse, and customer queries and complaints, which can tell you how to improve.


#2 You’re Using Outdated Practices

There’s a school of thought that says PPC advertising is ineffective for small businesses, but that’s not true.

It might not be as effective for your small business as it is for American Express, but it can still yield results when done properly.

The problem is, it’s often not done properly because even if you have an understanding of PPC, there’ll be much more that you don’t know.

Usually, because the rules are always changing: take a look at the Clicteq take on things and ask yourself if your PPC campaigns are ready for the change.

Elsewhere, it might be a matter of tightening up your SEO – and also getting rid of the content that can hurt your search engine ranking, such as poor content.


#3 You’re Not Spending Enough on Marketing

Your marketing budget should probably be a lot bigger than it currently is.

Do not underestimate how valuable investing in marketing can be: even the largely “ineffectual” methods can yield a return (just not as much as other methods).

There’s also probably a lot more ways to market your company than you’re currently exploring. It goes far beyond just what you’re doing on your social media channels.

Talking of which, many small businesses make the mistake of putting too much energy into Facebook and not enough energy into their very own website. Your domain should be primary, not secondary.


#4 You’re Not Exciting Enough

We hate to be blunt, but there’s every chance that your online presence simply isn’t exciting enough to capture the imaginations of potential customers. Whatever business you’re in, there’s most likely dozens of competitors out there.

You shouldn’t rely on following the herd and copying what others are doing (though be aware of what they’re doing).

Instead, get creative and set out your own stall. There is likely much more out the box thinking in you than you’re currently showing. In a saturated marketing, individuality is your best remedy to getting online success.


Is Your Business Getting Results?

Is your business having a tough time getting results?  I know for me I’ve seen my fair share of ups and downs.  In fact my very first year in business we only did a handful of jobs which was expected since we were starting in a recession.

However, every year since has taught us that you have to take the good with the bad and keep moving forward.  I would love to hear your  thoughts about this topic below.


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