5 SEO Best Practices to Follow


SEO helps in increasing the visibility of your website and indicates web search engines like Google and Bing that your site contains important and useful content about a particular subject that a user might be looking for.

SEO is all about handling web indexes and building bridges between your content and the reader. This isn’t an easy task that’s why we present you five of the best SEO practices to follow.

Following these simple but important tips would allow you to not only improve your SEO rankings but also give a big boost to your website and your business. Without much ado, let’s have a look at five best practices in SEO as suggested by top SEO company heads.


#1 Write for Your Audience

Filling in a lot of keywords in your content is bad SEO. Your readers don’t like it, neither does Google. You should focus more on the quality of the content you’re writing and forget about stuffing more and more keywords.

If you write quality content, you would fit in keywords naturally. However, for SEO purposes try to keep the density around 1% and use keywords in the title, subheadings, and body.


#2 Long Tail Keywords

There was a time when SEO wasn’t much of a talk in the web content world. However, now you can’t get your website ranked if your SEO is missing or poor.

When it comes to targeting keywords go for long tail keywords. The reason for this is that it attracts a relevant group of visitors who are actually interested in your content.

Short tail keywords aren’t bad too, but they’re like a vast sea and we don’t know what the user is searching for in that sea while long tail keywords narrow the search result as in the vast sea shrinks and a user can easily reach to the content he’s interested in.

Plus, it is also comparatively easier to rank for long tail keywords.


#3 White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO refers to proper methodologies and steps that are taken towards promoting a website. These steps are according to the rules and guidelines of search engines and a legitimate method to get your content reach a relevant audience.

Keep in mind to always remain within the boundaries of the rules implemented by search engines and maintain the integrity of your website by not going for unethical ways of promoting your content.


#4 Longer content > Shorter Content

Many bloggers are confused about whether to post longer content or shorter. When you look at it, both can be effective, but if you look at it from SEO perspective then the longer content is good.

According to experts, articles should be around 2000 words but properly formatted and with solid information. Google also prefers longer content over shorter content.


#5 Be Creative and Write Unique Content

The content you write should be unique, something which people haven’t seen before, and you should look to try and share your content with relevant websites to earn links in a process called Manual Outreach.

Here’s where your creativity comes into play. Seek ideas and implement them in your own ways because Google prefers websites with unique content.


Final Thoughts…

SEO is a key part of anyone who has an online business.  Without it your business will be losing out in a ton of customer opportunities, and if you follow these 5 tips you’ll be much more likely to see success.

So are there any other tips you would give when it comes to SEO?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and what you are doing to improve your business in the comments below.


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