Debt Settlement: The Road to Debt Freedom

money-card-business-credit-card-50987“Roughly 1 out of 20 Americans with credit files are at least 30 days late on a credit card or other non-mortgage account.”


Due to this fact, the need for debt settlement services will never go away. In many cases, debt settlement is required to help Americans avoid bankruptcy and get out of debt. 

With debt settlement services a person can have their balance reduced and satisfied. 

Like with any debt relief program, there is an upside and a downside. Today we will discuss the upside and the downside to debt settlement.

At Golden Financial Services, our San Diego debt specialists can assist you with learning more about debt settlement and other options available to help consumers get out of debt for 2016. Consumers can call 866-376-9846 for a free consultation. 


Upside to debt settlement:

The upside to a debt settlement program includes:

Clients only need to make one easy payment each month based on what they can afford. Creditors are not paid each month with a debt settlement program, but rather paid in lump sum payments.

As money accumulates in their trust account that the debt settlement company sets up for them at the beginning of the program, these funds will be used to settle the debt.

The company will be negotiating with the creditors until an agreement is reached, often this agreement is a settlement for a fraction of the balance owed. 

The average program lasts for 36 months, and this means that clients can achieve debt freedom within this time-frame. Results will vary.

Some customers finish a debt settlement program faster than 36 months, while others take longer to complete the program, at Golden Financial Services. 

If clients finish a debt settlement program and make all of their scheduled payments, they may end up paying only a fraction of their balance.

Reputable debt settlement companies will only charge a fee at the time the debt is settled and paid; this ensures consumers don’t get ripped off!


Downside to debt settlement:

Debt settlement can hurt a person’s credit score.

It’s not the actual debt settlement program that hurts their credit score, but the fact that client’s need to be delinquent on their payments for a favorable settlement to be possible, and this is the aspect of debt settlement that can hurt a person’s credit score.

If you don’t stay current on your bills every month, your credit score will go down. Debt validation may be a better option for consumers to turn to, due to credit restoration being included.

However, not every consumer will qualify for debt validation, just like not every consumer will qualify for debt settlement. 

Creditors don’t have to settle or work with a debt settlement company. They may even sue a person that is in a debt settlement program.

This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to find a reputable debt settlement company, like San Diego’s Golden Financial Services.

Golden Financial Services and our customer service and back-end partners, know how to deal with an account that gets a summons and can assist with lawsuit defense and much more.

 Golden Financial Services has zero customer complaints listed at and an A+ rating. The company has been assisting consumers with settling debt for roughly 13 years now. 



Final Thoughts…

With all the ups and downs to debt settlement it is still a viable option that could help you get rid of your debt.  The worst thing that you could do is overlook an option altogether and it could have been the way out of your financial crisis.

So what are your thoughts, have you ever tried debt settlement?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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