How to Keep a Professional Image When You Work From Home


More people than ever are working from home, and many are starting their own businesses.

It’s a very good time for entrepreneurs with big ideas – but there are a few issues. Sure, working from home has its benefits.

The trouble is, it can be easy for standards to slip and it isn’t ideal for portraying a professional image.

With this in mind, I’m going to talk you through a few ideas that can help you maintain your image and show you mean business.


#1 Understand  the Importance of Image


Firstly, it’s vital that you understand exactly how important image is when it comes to presenting your business. It’s not just for your clients, either; it’s also for your benefit.

Dressing like you mean business has an effect on the psyche, and you will feel like you are a professional. Of course, you don’t need to get into an expensive suit every day, but some form of a business casual dress code will help.



#2 Create a Space


Distractions occur all the time when you work at home. Kids can interrupt your flow, the coffee machine calls to you on an hourly basis, and TV shows are just a click away.

It is vital, then, that you have a space set aside for your working day. An office is ideal, or even a corner of the bedroom if you don’t have space. According to, if you keep it free from distractions, and you will get more out of every day.


#3 Create a Virtual Office


Your professional image is important, as we have discussed. But the image of your business is also important. People are more likely to use your services if it looks like you are a professional company with an office.

If you are working from home, try getting a more prestigious business address, and maybe even outsourcing your phone calls.

If you get a lot of mail, it might even be worth using a mail opening service. According to, some services will open your mail for you and email you the contents.

It will help you keep your business and home life separate, and improve your professional image.


#4 Always Be Ready


Working from home can lead to you developing some bad habits. It might not be a problem for you to start work without showering, shaving, or even getting dressed.

But what if you get a call from a client who wants to meet within the next 30 minutes?

You have to be ready to respond in an instant – so prepare yourself every morning just as you would as an employee.


#5 Establish Meeting Places

Clients will expect you to work from home if you’re a freelancer. But, they will want to meet you. It’s essential to establish some good places where you can meet them for business chats.

Quiet coffee shops are ideal, as are local hotels. You might even be able to hire some space at a local business center.

Many of these places offer special discounts to regular customers, so have a look around and see what you can find.


Hope this has helped – let me know your thoughts!


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