Marathon Gas Credit Cards – A Simple Way To Save On Gas

marathon_gas_card_visaEarlier last week I was filling up my truck with gas and as I went to pay for it I was informed by the clerk that my Marathon Gas Card was no longer valid. In fact he informed me that MasterCard was dropping the card and that Visa was picking it up. So in this article I’m going to be covering the new program versus the old program and show you why Marathon Gas Credit Card is the way to go when it comes to buying gas.

The Old Program

Before I dive into the new program I want to cover what the old program benefits were.  To start the old Marathon Gas Credit Cards program gave out a 10% cash rebate on all purchases you made at any Marathon station in the first month, and a 5% rebate thereafter.  On top of that they would give a 1% rebate on all other overqualified purchases.

This plan worked out great for me because we have a Marathon station right down from our house and it allows us to save some big bucks on are gas but now that this program has gone away let’s look at how the new program compares.

The New Program

The new program works a bit differently.  In fact the big benefit to it is that you get the benefit no matter where you use the card at.  This means if I would go to a Shell Gas Station I could get the same benefit because they accept the card. The new program is broken up into three new tears and works as follows.

  • Earn 5 cents a gallon on all Marathon purchases when you spend less than $500 a month wherever the card is accepted.  For example, I bought a 100 gallons of gas in a month at $3.00 a gallon I would save $5.
  • Earn 15 cents a gallon on all Marathon purchases when you spend between $500 to $999 a month wherever the card is accepted.  For example, for every 100 gallons of gas I would buy in a given month I would save $15.
  • Earn 25 cents a gallon on all Marathon purchases when you spend $1000 or more in a month wherever the card is accepted.  For example, for every 100 gallons of gas I would buy in a given month I would save $25.

I should also mention once you earn a total of $25 in savings you will be mailed a $25 Marathon gas gift card which you can apply at any Marathon gas station.

Now if you don’t like the plan I’ve mentioned above because you don’t spend that much on gas each month they also give you a second option to get a 2 cent per gallon rebate on all Marathon purchases.  However in my personal opinion I would go with the plan I mentioned above because even if you don’t spend $500 a month you will still get a 5 cent rebate on every gallon of gas that you get.

So what are your thoughts of the new program versus the old program, share your comments below.

Who Should Have The Marathon Credit Card

Now that we know how the new program works and how it can benefit you, you  might be wondering if you should get the new card or not so here are some reasons someone should have this card.

  • Don’t have to deal with cash. Before I carried this card I had to pay for all of my gas in cash which became very frustrating deal with but with this card it makes things so much simpler.
  • Long Commutes.  If you’re someone who has to make long commutes everyday to and from work this card can help you save some big bucks on your gas.
  • It Saves You Cash. Finally, if for no other reason this card will save you tons in money even if you don’t use gas that much because you can use it anywhere and get the same great deal.

Get The Marathon Gas Card

So is the Marathon Oil Credit Card from Visa for you?  Take some time to evaluate your financial situation and get a Marathon gas card application today at your local Marathon Station, also feel free to share you comments and question below.

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  2. I have your new credit card and have been a customer for many years but will try to use B P in the future instead of Marathon because they still have a 5% rebate. You should still be giving the 5% to your loyal customers. Thanks anyway. Gary Sheets

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  4. On the application picked up at the Marathon station—–goonline to—–I did could not get the application.

  5. what a mess. I like Marathon but this is ridiculous. I got billed with a new account number but no new card and can’t use old card. I have been paying on line but can’t even do that.

  6. That sounds terrible Mary. I hope you’re able to work things out. This makes me wonder how the service will be once I get rid of my old card and apply for the new one.

  7. I went on line to apply for the Marathon Card and I see nothing that allows me to do that

  8. This card sucks…..I have used it for three months and it drives you crazy trying to hit the levels…..even when you think you hit it… it seems they will delay the charge if you are close to the statement date…..i stopped using and got my life back

  9. I would have to agree Jim, I liked the old Visa Marathon Card with the 5% cash back, it was so much simpler. I think I’ve only ever hit the top level once since I’ve had it and 90% of the time I’m only getting the first level. Thanks for you input.

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