Starting a Network Marketing Business: What You Should Know Before You Join

Recently while at work a coworker was talking to me about a new network marketing business he had joined selling a vitamin supplement juice. I could tell by the excitement in his voice that he liked the idea of starting his own business and earning some extra cash.

However, even the best network marketing companies can have some serious drawbacks, and in this article I’m going to cover the pro’s and con’s about getting involved with network marketing businesses and also show one that I use to even work with

What Is Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business opportunity that allows you to sell a specific companies product.  In return for selling that companies product you are paid a commission.

However it doesn’t stop their a lot of network marketing businesses allow you to recruit others and in turn you will be paid a small commission off of what they sell as well.

For example if you look at the picture below and if I were able to recruit 2 people and those people were to recruit 2 people each and so on ans so on,  I would have a total of 15 on my team including myself and anytime one of those people sold a product I would be paid a small commission as well.


On thing I should mention before I move on is that a lot of people think that network marketing is some sort of pyramid scam but the reality is it’s not.  The way to tell the difference is that a pyramid scam will pay you to recruit people and sell no physical product or service, while a real business will.

The Pro’s

You don’t have to know anything.  To get started in a network marketing business you don’t need to have a marketing or sales degree.  In fact most companies will have a personal training program that will teach you the in’s and out’s of the business.

You can earn an extra income. The best part about this kind of opportunity is that you can earn several hundred or even a few thousand dollars a month.  In fact I know a lady in my local area who is in a network marketing company that sells kitchen supplies and makes over $20,000 a year at it.

You can work part time or full time. Finally, the last benefit is that most companies will allow you to get started part time to get your feet wet and see if the business is for you.

The Con’s

They charge a fee. That’s right in order to join a network marketing company they will charge you a fee.  No you might think that it’s a bit weird to join a business you have to pay to work for them, but the reality is that you are not paying them to get a job but rather paying them to start your own business and sell their products.  Typical fees will be around $100 to $200 for most businesses.

You don’t make much starting out. The truth is when your first getting started you are not going to get the big commissions.  When started my network marketing business I only made a 25% commission on all sales and in order for me to increase my commission percentage I would have to sell a certain amount or product to earn a raise.

Few people succeed. Finally, the biggest thing you need to understand is that few people succeed at making big money with this.  In fact this is even true with the best network marketing business around.  To prove my point while working with World Financial Group they would recruit company wide around 10,000 people a month and 80% of them would quit before the first month was up.

Where To Get Started

Finally, if you are still looking to get started with a network marketing business take some time and read my review on World Financial Group to learn more about this opportunity.  Lastly,  you can also search around on the internet, their are tons of different opportunities out there as well.

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