Passive Income Opportunities: How To Build An Income That Keeps On Giving

Today everyone is looking for passive income opportunities on the web.  Most usually never succeed however in today’s article I want share with you a simple way to earn passive income.

However before I start I just want to mention that this opportunity is not a get rich quick thing, nor is it easy for that fact.  In order to make passive income with this opportunity it will require a dedicated effort.  I not talking a 40 hour work week but at least an hour or two a day to see some serious results.

Finally, I also want you to read the whole article as it will explain how everything works, and at the end of the article I will give a place where you can go learn more about this opportunity.

What Is The Opportunity

So what is this opportunity you might be wondering, it’s content marketing.  Now you might be wondering how this will make you any money but I will explain that.  To help you understand what I’m talking about look at the picture below.


This is a snap shot of a website called Ezine Articles.  This is website that has thousands if not millions of articles on it.  Articles that also rank well in Google as well.  If you also notice I have several arrows pointing to different advertising spots on the site.

The first spot is the Google Search bar. Anytime someone searches something they will be given a list of results.  Along with those results also comes a list of ads as well and if someone clicks on those ads Ezine Articles will make money.

The second ad spot is a list of links just below the search bar.  These links once clicked will bring up a page with relevant ads on them.  If someone clicks on them Ezine Articles will earn some money.

The last two spots below are called content ads.  These ads show based on the content that is being displayed in the content section.  These ads are on a pay per click basis. In the end all of the passive income streams can pay out well.

Finally you might be wondering how much money can this really make you.  To give you an idea if you had a website that had a thousand visitors a day and 3% of them clicked on an ad and each ad click paid a dollar on average you could earn $30 a day or roughly a thousand dollars a month.

In the rest of this article I’m going to show just how to do this.

How To Make Passive Income

Before I start I’m going to already assume you’ve set up a website and picked a topic you want to write about.  If your not sure pick something you know something about and start their.

I also suggest you keep the site fairly general.  For example, if you know a lot about bathrooms that’s great but you may want to consider starting a website that talks about the entire home this way it give more topics to expand upon.  If your not sure how to do all this wait till you get the end of the article where I will give some resources you use to help you get started.

Next you will have to start by doing some keyword research.  Now you might be wondering why do you need to do keyword research, the reason is simple, because traffic from Google and other search engines are the best traffic you can find.

People who are looking to solve a problem don’t go to twitter or facebook, they go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  For example, to prove my point think about how you found this page.  Most people who find this page come from the search engines just like you did looking for a passive income opportunity.  So now that we know that search engines are the way to go how do harness the power of them, that’s right you research relevant keywords that you could rank for.

To do this go to Google and type in keyword search tool.  The first result should be for the Google Adwords tool.  The page that opens up should look like the one below.  To start searching type in a keyword.  In the example below you will want to turn the search to exact, this will give you more accurate numbers.


Once you fill in a search term the results should look something like what you see below.  The keywords you are looking for are ones that have more than a thousand visitors and earn more than a dollar cost per click.  However the competition should be low as well. If you look at the picture below you can see that passive income ideas has a fairly low competition, earns more than a dollar per click, and has around 1600 visitors.  This would be a good fit.  If this all sounds confusing don’t worry at the end of this article I’m going to show you so tools you can use to make this whole process a lot easier.


Now that you know the keywords you want to shoot for start writing an article for each keyword that is roughly around 400 words or more.  Now just because you write a bunch of articles on your keywords doesn’t mean you’ll start ranking well in Google, you have to build links to rank.

In order to rank for a keyword you need to get links from other like minded sites.  Now before you start thinking this is going to be tough it’s not.  The best way to do this is to write guest post, using sites like Ezine Articles and other article sites, building links can be very easy.

However in order to link to your post you will have link back to the post with your keyword.  For example, if you would write a post on the word passive income opportunity, you would want the link to be read passive income opportunity.  However you will want to vary the keyword from time to time because it is against Google’s policy to use the same word in the link and it may cause a red flag to be raised and your post may be deranked.

Finally, the last thing you need to do is monetize your website.  Their is no one perfect solution to making money with your website.  Some will use Google’s advertising program called Adsense.  However you should know that it is against Google policy to use just Adsense so I also recommend that you use looking to some affiliate programs as well.

Affiliate programs are used by many companies like Amazon, Ebay and many other places to help sell product and allow you to earn a commission.  Find programs that are closely related to your topic and use those.  For example I have a financial website that I use a lending affiliate program on it and every money I make a few commissions from them for hosting their program on my site.

Where To Get More Information

Finally, I know some of this can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first but like anything it all takes a little time till you catch on.  On the other hand some people can pick up on stuff like this right off the bat, but for those of you who need more info as to how to put this business into full gear you make want to check out The Keyword Academy.

This site has everything you need to know about how set up your website and start making some income off of it.  First off, they provide a forum for people to ask questions.  I also find this an excellent source to learn from others as well.

Second, this site also has a great tool to help you find keywords in your niche as well, it’s called Niche Refinery.  They also have a tool to help you build links to your site called Postrunner.  This is a site that has hundreds of personally owned sites by other members that allow you to submit guest posts to their sites.  Postrunner is worth the monthly fee itself .

Finally, they also have a tool to help you manage all of your work as well called Streamline.  The tool will track every keyword for your website an help you hit your goals as well.

Now you might be wondering what something like this cost and I’m going to tell you it’s actually really inexpensive to get started, in fact for your first month to just to try it out it will only cost you nothing, that’s right nothing!  Then is will only cost $33 every month there after, and their is also no contract and the price will never go up, so you can cancel at anytime.  So give it a shot and check it out.

Check Out The Keyword Academy For A Free 30 Day Trial Now!

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