Challenges and Limitations of AI in FOREX Trading

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The boom of automated Forex trading creates the impression that a trading bot is the best recipe in any market circumstance.

However, traders who buy not the best versions of bots soon become disillusioned. The reality turns out to be not as rosy as they expected.

The reason could be that their expectations were too high, or they chose the wrong version of the bot they needed to complete their tasks. To properly select AI for FOREX trading, you need to understand various software features for Forex trading.

To do this, you need to know the capabilities of each of the numerous models and their limitations.

The Secret of Trading Bot Success

Artificial Intelligence is a generic term for certain computer technologies capable of performing creative tasks.

AI’s abilities are vastly superior to humans in their most advanced versions. Therefore, many people have a stereotype that any software product marked with an AI sign guarantees 100% success. But this is not true for several reasons:

  • The quality of AI-based software depends on the professionalism and creativity of programmers. If you buy a product from mediocre specialists, you will receive a low-quality version of AI that will not bring the expected success.
  • A person’s erudition and horizons depend on the number and quality of books they have read. Likewise, the quality of AI depends on the data on which it was trained. If the data is outdated or insufficient, such algorithms will not produce the expected effects.
  • A trader should correctly configure trading robots. The result would be counterproductive if they bought even the most advanced version of a trading bot but misconfigured it.

The Most Common Challenges Traders Face When Working with AI

Code Difference

Each trading platform is compatible with a limited number of programming codes. Therefore, the ideal advisor or bot you find may not match your platform’s codes.

Appearance of Bugs

Of course, bugs are most likely when a trader creates an advisor. However, even in bots from the best development companies, bugs are possible if the program is not thoroughly tested.

You are fortunate if this is a minor bug that causes a bot to stop working. It’s much worse if you lose your deposit due to an occasional bug.

The Market Can Be More Flexible Than a Trading Bot

Bots are programmed for specific market conditions. When force majeure occurs, or these conditions change under the influence of fundamental factors, the bot may be ineffective.

This doesn’t mean you need to throw it away. But you will have to reconfigure it, change the transaction algorithm, and optimize it in every possible way. Therefore, traders must be flexible enough to react and adapt their bots to the evolving conditions properly

Does this mean that you should abandon using bots when trading Forex? Of course not! You need to approach the choice of a bot very carefully and purchase only those versions that correspond to your trading circumstances and the tasks you set for them.

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