3 Advantages of Vehicle Shipping

If you are planning to move, go on a long vacation, or study in another country shortly, one of the things you have to think about is your four-wheeler. If you have a car and use it daily, you’ll most likely need it at your new address, so moving it to another location is a concern for you.

Driving to the desired destination can be a solution, but there are other problems. If you go in a hurry, you’ll be nervous and tired, and the long journey will exhaust you even more. Also, consider all travel costs you may have along the way, such as fuel, tolls, stopovers, overnight stays, etc.

If you opt for driving your car all the way to your new location, these are things you should know:


When all that seems too much, you need another solution. How about having someone else drive your car? Or simply transport the vehicle in a trailer? The last option involves the car shipping service and is very useful when you’re limited by time or other obligations are a priority.

Read on to find out which benefits you can enjoy with car transportation.

1. Saving Time

Let’s take the example of moving. You all know it’s quite stressful because it requires a lot of planning, organizing, and rushing around, especially when you have a tight deadline. At that moment, your time is precious, so it means a lot if you can leave part of the work to someone you trust.

So instead of driving across the state for days, you can hire a shipping company to haul your four-wheeler to your new address while you do other things.

Depending on the distance, the trip may take several days, a whole week, or even several, if you move abroad or overseas. Just imagine how much you can do in that time. After finishing all that, you can arrive at your new location by plane, refreshed and rested.

2. Cost-Effective Service

Shipping your vehicle carries certain costs that depend on several factors, as seen on this source. These deals can be very affordable if you book this hauling service on time or off-season and possibly use the services of a broker, who can lurk the most favorable offers for you for the period that suits you.

You save money not only on the road and fuel but also on your four-wheeler wear-and-tear. Considering that it will be hauled on a trailer, your car will not accumulate additional miles, wear out parts, or suffer damage from stones and dirt from the road, and therefore will preserve its value.

3. Safety

A long drive can be a real adventure if you start it rested and relaxed. However, there is always a risk when you are on the road. Not only you but many others participate in the traffic, and not everyone is rested, focused, and skilled behind the wheel. If you don’t want to imagine what could happen, leave the vehicle transport to reputable carriers.

Vehicle shipping is carried out in specialized trailers that can be opened or closed.

Closed trailers offer a greater degree of protection from the elements and road debris, but it’s a premium service. Your car is safe in open trailers as well, and this type of transportation will cost you less. Regardless of the service type, shipping companies secure all vehicles so that they “suffer” as little as possible during driving.

Another thing that brings you peace of mind is the carriers’ insurance included in their shipping services. So you’re covered in case anything happens to your vehicle during transport, loading, and unloading.

Of course, you are obliged to prepare your four-wheeler for shipping and ensure it’s in drivable condition. If not, it will be subject to different shipping rates, generally higher than the standard ones.


Shipping companies offer different services when it comes to transporting vehicles. Depending on your plans, time, and budget, you can choose between terminal delivery and door-to-door service. The first refers to driving your four-wheeler to and from the pick-up and delivery terminal. This service comes in handy if you’re not too far from those locations. Plus, it can save you a lot.

But if you want maximum convenience and stress-free shipping experience, Roadrunner door to door vehicle shipping should be your choice.

If you decide on this option, you don’t have to move a finger because the carrier will pick up the vehicle at your address and take it directly to your new location. Moreover, you can arrange delivery before or by the date when you arrive at your new address, so your four-wheeler will be waiting for you there.

Car shipping service comes to the rescue when you need fast, reliable, and safe vehicle transportation. Reputable companies deliver your four-wheeler where you want it, so when you’re time-bound, hiring them really pays off.

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