5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Faith

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It can be challenging to keep your kids interested in faith and religion, especially as they begin to question it.

Forcing your beliefs is never the right choice. But you can try lively discussion.

1. Expose them to Teachings in Other Ways

You might recall long study sessions learning about your religion when you were young and how hard you found it. The teachings of religions are a lot to take in for kids, and they can be, sorry to say, a little boring.

Kids don’t want to be stuck in a class on a weekend day or in their spare time. So, it helps to teach about spirituality and religion in other ways. Revelation Road the movie, and Christian rock bands are good examples of ways to better engage youngsters.

2. Let Them Learn About All Religions

At some point, children will begin to ask about other religions of the world. And it isn’t fair to teach them that the only one that matters is yours. Embracing all religions is a better way forward, as they all have something to teach.

You can use specific religious holidays as good starting points for discussion since children often look forward to these. You can perhaps teach how they are related between different religions and the similarities throughout the world.

3. Keep Your Kids Interested in Faith with Discussion

Children can struggle to understand the concepts of God or religion. And as they develop into adolescence, they might also wrestle with things such as right and wrong, sexual orientation, and their place in the world in relation to their church.

Therefore, it is vital that any feelings are explored out in the open and the experience of getting to know themselves through careful reassessment. They might have questions, like what exactly is The Word? If they do, encourage discussion and work out any questions, problems or queries together. Today, non-judgemental guidance is always better than dictatorial punishment.

4. Try Using Science to Explain Faith Concepts

This sounds adverse to faith. But science is a modern and effective way to teach about religion. Even the Vatican and the Pope use scientific methods to explain spiritual concepts. And they don’t shy away from open discussion these days.

For example, you can open up lively discussions about evolution, the Big Bang theory, and even gravity as a force. The trick is to use each to explain the other without making them opposing forces in discussion with children.

5. Use Famous Role Models as Examples

There are many reasons why kids can lose touch with their faith. Yet you can guide them to reconnect with your religion and show them how to use it as a tool for guidance in the world and life. This can be challenging.

But some parents have great success by using famous role models as an example. If you can’t think of any, just try Googling the person your child looks up to, followed by the word “religion.” You are sure to find something enlightening they have to say.


There are a few ways you can keep your kids interested in faith. A multimedia approach can help keep them interested.

You can also merge science and religion and use role models.

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