6 Reasons Your Web Traffic Has Suddenly Dropped

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When you run an online business, you rely on generating as much web traffic as possible so that you can hopefully convert as many customers as possible and make as much money as possible.

When your web traffic drops off a cliff then, it can be quite distressing, especially if you do not know exactly why it is happening.

1. Updated algorithms

Search engines like Google are regularly revising and updating their algorithms, which means, just because your website once appeared high on their search results in the past, does not mean that it will do so forever.

If your web traffic has suddenly dropped off with no wrong, it might be worth checking whether Google has had a recent update to the way it ranks websites and if it has, getting a good digital marketing agency like SOAP Media to help you update your website so that it is once again a high ranking site for people who are looking for the kinds of things you sell.

2. Recent changes

If you have made any recent changes to your website, such as switching to a new host or adding some new code.

Then it could be that those changes have slowed down your site while they start to take effect, and this could affect your standing with the search engines, meaning you do not get as much traffic as you once did.

This is something that will usually sort itself out in a day or two, but if it does not improve, you might need to have your web design person take a look at what they can do to speed things back up again.

3. Lack of publishing

If you have not published any new content on your business website for a while, then it could simply be that no one is visiting because there is nothing new to dee.

Yes, your business website is about selling, but that does not mean you can simply post your products and services for sale and expect customers to come flocking – you need to give them an incentive in the form of content.

Writing good content regularly whether it be in the form of How-to posts, news or views makes your website more useful to the average customer, and of course, the links to fresh content will help to boost your search engine ranking too. So, if you aren’t creating new content every week, it’s time to change that.

4. Bad reviews

These days, many customers will check out your company on a review site like TrustPulort before they even think about hitting up your website to make a purchase.

So if you have noticed that traffic to your business website has sudden;y dropped off, it might be worth checking whether you have had any bad reviews recently.

If you have had some bad reviews, it could be putting people off, so it is s a good idea to reply to those reviews calmly and carefully to say sorry and put things right or to get your own point of view across if you do not agree with the assessment of the reviewer.

Just keep things factual and professional.

5. Server crashes

As a business, it is really important that you pay for a good enough server and host package to keep your website online all of the time.

If you are using a shared server or you have paid for a basic package, there is a greater chance that your website will experience periods of downtime that would make it impossible for customers to visit your site and make a purchase. If you have seen a drop off in traffic, check that your website can actually be accessed.

6. Lack of promotion

How well have you been promoting your business lately?

If you have not been putting much effort into marketing your goods and services, it could just be that no one is buying because you aren’t making them aware of your stuff or your website, and by simply taking the time to post more often on social media, you could see your traffic rise significantly, Marketing is an ongoing thing, not something you can just do now and again if you want your business to be a success.

If your web traffic has taken a sudden nosedive, then it is worth checking whether any of the above scenarios could be the cause, and if that is the case, take the time to fix them ASAP so you can get your traffic back and start making lots of sales again.

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