Getting Your Feet Wet: 8 Things You’ll Need to Start a Podcast


Podcasts have risen in popularity in the recent past. It is an ideal platform for you to air your ideas and be heard around the world.

Contrary to what many people think, launching a podcast doesn’t have to be hard. With the will to begin and a few other things, you will be set.

Here is a list of some of the things you would need to start a podcast.


#1 A Podcast Hosting Account

Podcasts can eat up significant bandwidth. However, you don’t have to host your website. Instead, you can look for an affordable Podcast Hosting Platform.

The hosting platform will be a home to your podcast’s audio, and works hand in hand with listening directories like Google Podcasts and Spotify, allowing others to access your content. There are many extremely affordable hosting platforms you can choose from.


#2 A Good Microphone

The success of your podcast hinges on your audio quality. Therefore, a podcast might never recover from poor audio. For the best quality, look beyond the microphone that comes with a computer.

Invest in a good microphone. Better still, get a dedicated microphone and a mixer.


#3 A Vanity URL

One invaluable tool to grow your podcast is by responding to feedback. A vanity URL will enable your listeners to leave reviews or criticism.

A vanity URL makes the work easier for your audience, as opposed to a complicated website address. The URL is also easier to share, helping you reach more people.


#4 Recording and Editing Tools

Some people prefer chopping out some parts of their podcasts before releasing them. Others don’t mind releasing the raw copy.

However, it takes practice to reach perfection, necessitating good editing software. Some free editing tools come with a range of options to work with.


#5 A Boom

A boom is not a basic need while starting. However, it is an essential tool worth saving up for.

Since it is highly directional, it helps in rejecting off-axis sounds, improving your audio quality.


#6 A Pop Filter

Inevitably, as you speak into a microphone, some sounds might sound amplified. A pop filter comes in handy, leading to better-finished work.

A pop filter can also help reduce sibilance and prevents your microphone from coming into direct contact with moisture. They are quite affordable and work magic.


#7 Design Software

Podcasts rely on audio. However, your podcast will need a good logo. Remember that the first impression lasts. Therefore, you need good design software to come up with your cover art. Research size constraints, use warm colors and find good-quality images.

If you don’t have state-of-the-art design skills, you can always get someone to do it for you.


#8 Headphones

You need to hear what you are releasing to your listeners. Therefore, a good set of headphones is a basic need while starting a podcast.

Headphones also allow you to hear what your guests are saying, especially if you are hosting them virtually. Good quality can help you attract big corporations, making you money.


Give It Your All

Starting a podcast is rather easy. However, you need to go out of your way to ensure that you give your audience fresh and relevant content. Ensure that you are consistent and watch it grow.

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