Your Business Needs a Loan for These 5 Reasons

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You need to spend money to make money.

This adage has been repeated for years and it’s incredibly true. In order for your business to make money, you are going to have to spend it.

In order for your business to grow you have to be willing to invest in equipment, inventory, advertising, and property.

Las Vegas Business Loan

The true dilemma for business owners is the fact that it’s impossible to pay for these business expenses upfront until your business sees enough growth. However, in order to grow, you need to pay for these business expenses.

It’s a catch 22 and it can often leave business owners frustrated. The easiest way to break this cycle is to reach out and secure a business loan from a reputable company, much like Las Vegas business loans.

Your business may be ready for a business loan if it finds itself in one of these five categories.

1. Expansion

When business is booming it is imperative to continue growing your business. Not chasing expansion opportunities can lead to profits hitting a plateau, or in some cases, shrinking.

No one wants to see their business die out or plateau but expansion can be a scary prospect. The expansion has big costs such as:

  • Advertising
  • New property
  • Increased staff sizes
  • Insurance

Many businesses don’t have the cash on hand to cover these expenses and a business loan can give you the opportunity to expand without having to spend operational funds.

This allows businesses to give the same awesome product or service to a new customer base.

2. Cash Flow

Running a business isn’t always fun and things don’t always operate smoothly. Even the best business runs into situations that can stress their cash flow. These scenarios can include:

  • Customers who haven’t paid for goods or services
  • Unsold inventory that hasn’t brought money back to the business

These scenarios coupled with regular business factors such as inventory, staff, utilities, insurance, and rent/mortgage can create massive cash flow issues.

A business loan can help to temporarily offset a loss that your business has faced. Allowing for cash flow to remain stable while solutions can be found to rectify the problems your business may be facing.

3. Inventory

The biggest and hardest expense for business owners to manage is the cost associated with inventory. Investments must be made to secure the products before customers can buy them and offset the cost of the original investment.

Once a business is running the process of continuous expansion can be slow. If a business needs to obtain the hottest new product or has to make a seasonal change (such as a clothing store stocking winter clothes) it can be hard to stay ahead of your customers’ needs and grow the business.

A business loan allows business owners to offset the initial inventory costs, stay ahead of trends and offer new products without hurting cash flow.

This can also allow for a more rapid expansion, getting more products into the hands of the customer and growing the business at a faster rate.

4. Equipment

Every business has equipment that is necessary for jobs to be done. That’s true for the artist selling prints out of their extra bedroom, to architect firms in the city and gym owners. Everyone has things that are integral to their business.

The problem with equipment is that it can often become outdated, worn down, and sometimes breaks. Many businesses can’t afford to have equipment that isn’t working its best and broken equipment can break a business.

An unscheduled expense of equipment needing to be replaced or fixed can often hurt a business.  A business loan can help businesses manage this unscheduled expense and keep the business running smoothly. Business owners can also use these loans to help update equipment and technology to keep businesses on the cutting edge.

5. To Improve Terms on a Future Loan

If you think that your business is going to need a large loan in the future it may pay off to procure a smaller loan first.

This can be especially true for businesses that don’t have a long credit history. Without great credit, history loans may not have favorable terms or rates.

A smaller loan that your business can use and then quickly repay will help build strong credit history quickly.

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