The Different Types of Services Lawyers Can Offer

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Lawyers will offer many different types of services and it is for clients to seek out the professional that can offer them the advice and representation that they need to achieve success.

This article will explore the kinds of legal matters that firms such as Lobb & Plewe, Attorneys at Law will involve themselves in.


There will be many kinds of laws a business will need help with. These will include business law in general, business migration law, corporate transactions, tax, criminal lawyer, as well as national and international legislation.

Business law can also be called commercial law or mercantile law. This type of law will be concerned with agreements, conventions, dealings between persons in commercial matters, and national and international legislation.

Let us then look at some of these types of laws concerning business:

  • Business migration law – The laws here will deal with the forming of a new LLC, dissolving an old LLC, dealing with multiple business locations (and the states they operate within), and the domestication of an LLC.
  • Corporate transactions – This involves the laws concerning mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate law. This is about the merging or demerging of a business and the buying and selling of its assets.
  • Tax – Some lawyers will be specialists in certain kinds of taxes. Always seek out a specialist lawyer for advice on the tax that concerns you.
  • National and international legislation – Encompasses wide-ranging administrative, government, and legal instruments.


Employment law is concerned with the rights of employees for the duration of their employment contract.

These rights will be about equality, harassment, and discrimination.

  • Equality – Fairness and equal job opportunities for employees and those applying for jobs. Everyone should be able to apply for a job with an equal chance of getting it, especially if they have the required skills and experience.
  • Harassment – This includes all forms of intimidation in the workplace.
  • Discrimination – Refers to prejudices that occur when an employee is not treated fairly because of sexuality, race, gender, religion, disability, or pregnancy.

Everyone should be able to expect fair treatment, and there are laws to legislate against any form of inequality in the workplace. Other laws concerning unfairness will cover other places where it might occur.

That will mean hiring a different lawyer, but you still have the right to make the complaint and take it through a court of law with legal help and representation.

Real Estate

Lawyers in real estate will be competent in the rules and regulations surrounding the sale or acquisition of property. They will also deal with the leasing of land and property, investment, and leasehold management. The documents surrounding the transaction will be dealt with by lawyers.

In the US, licensed conveyancers are defined as property lawyers that are specialists in all the legal matters that will relate to the ownership transfer of land or property assets between sellers and buyers. A part of their function is to also offer legal advice as well as carry out the work concerned with the transaction.

Real estate is something that can be a personal or business matter, so could fit into the business section above too. The main difference between the two is in the customers. With residential properties, the customers are referred to as tenants, who will pay a fixed monthly amount in exchange for living in the property, whereas, with commercial properties, those involved will be the owners of businesses and companies.

It is good to know that there is not just legal advice out there but that it can be in a range of areas. This has the effect of offering the very best advice on how past cases have gone.

This is how a lawyer will work. In law, precedences are set which provide the framework for every lawyer to follow. They provide a guide for what everyone can expect in terms of compensation or damages.

Using the services of a lawyer will mean that you have someone familiar with the legal terminology and complexities of the law. Also, someone skilled in legal representation. So, you should always hire this type of industry professional if you find yourself in this situation.

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