Graphic Design Is My Passion – Meme and Its Meaning

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Graphic designing is a field that can be fun, creative, and rewarding at times.

Other times, it can be long working hours coupled with unreasonable expectations.

With the global graphic designer market standing at $43.4 billion in terms of revenue, the industry does have its fair share of ups and downs.

The famous “graphic design is my passion” is one of the first memes viral in 2015. Several memes have gone viral, describing the life and struggles of a designer.

These memes can help you laugh in the face of challenges and make you stronger to deal with the situation.

What are Graphic Design Memes?

A meme is a culture piece that people share in images, gifs, or video forms. They typically have a humorous side to them. For example, graphic design memes often depict a designer’s struggles.

For example, the meme could be a designer grappling with client expectations while getting paid peanuts. Or it would follow the life of a freelancer waiting on overdue invoices.

Sometimes these memes are also used to mock the designers, artists, and companies that come up with poor designs.

Graphic Design is My Passion – Its Origination

The viral meme was first posted on Tumblr by Yungterra on July 7th, 2014. The meme had a gray sky background, with a comical frog poorly clipped on and the text “graphic design is my passion” in a Papyrus typeface. Thus, it was born as one of the first graphic design memes to go viral.

What followed next was a collection of humorous and poor edits consisting of overused typefaces, funny clip arts, and a mix of unique colors and animations.

Papyrus, Comic Sans, Times New Roman, and Arial are some of the annoying fonts among graphic designers. And these are the exact font types that showed up on these memes.

The original meme with the comical frog got over 352,000 comments in 2015. You can find whole accounts dedicated to this single meme on Tumblr.

What Does the Viral Graphic Design Meme Mean?

Designers and companies often used the catchphrase as a way of self-promotion. Designers with limited skills or patience used tools like paint and word to develop not-so-good-looking designs.

The meme was a joke for amateur designers that claimed the skill to be their passion, but their results showed a different picture.

The meme was also a joking insult to clients who often wonder why designers take time to complete projects and charge a certain amount for their skills.

As designers, it can get frustrating dealing with unrealistic expectations. However, the meme also served as a reminder that if you are behind a quick design at cheap rates, that is the quality you will receive.

Final Thoughts

If you have been stuck at your desk for too long or you need a good laugh, google the “graphic design is my passion” meme.

Designers have come up with several variations filled with ugly fonts and funny images.

And while you are at it, add your version of the meme to the collection.

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