Custom Packaging Is a Smart Method of Guerilla Marketing

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It can be said that we have all seen at some point in our lives some form of marketing whether it be strategic, specific, or ad campaigning billboards, but the one that is proving highly popular of late and taking the world by storm is a method called guerilla marketing.

When we first hear the word a whole host of images run through our minds, does it involve animals, how would they translate to the marketing world, and is it even allowed?

But thankfully this is not what it is all about. It works on the concept essentially of being loud, reaching a lot of people with the image or message yet not disrupting them in any way (see this link for a more detailed version), and this in itself is genius.

As shopping malls and street art and sculptures become platforms for clever ad ideas this has flowed over into the way companies and brands now present themselves.

Having made their name heard, they can now focus on brand and packaging recognition.

Fun yet functional

Life is busy, the pace is fast and it seems to wait for no one so if you want your product to be seen and recognized within those few seconds of being noticed then it needs to be impactful.

It could be using symbolic colors, an image that speaks 1000 words without saying anything, but better yet the product packaging itself.

We could see a baby-blue box on the counter and immediately our hearts begin to beat at 100 miles a minute, why?

Because that iconic baby-blue box has a reputation that proceeds itself the world over, and this is what you want in a packaging brand.

If you want your company to stand out you need to think outside the box, consider bold, over the top, yet stylish and functional at the same time and you will have a winning combination.

You can take a look at some tips and advice on how to begin your design creation to help get you started and let it evolve from there, the world will always need a new creative mind.

And who doesn’t love innovative packaging when purchasing new products, it is part of the experience and makes the purchase that much more fun.

Types of guerilla marketing

You would think there could be only one type of this loud, in-your-face marketing strategy, and yet there are more than we may realize. Let’s take a quick look at what options are available, and if you are in the market to rebrand or advertise your product it could be just the help you need to get the ball rolling.

  • Outdoor. These are those art pieces you see temporarily displayed or set up in a public space. It could be easy to wash away paint or put a piece of material onto an existing statue or sculpture to convey the message.
  • Indoor. Essentially it does what it says on the tin. The outdoor version simply moves indoors in bus terminals, train stations, and shopping malls. The latter is a great option if you can manage it as foot traffic is constant and word of mouth is the greatest message conveyer of all time. The more they see the more they talk and the more well-known your brand becomes.
  • Event ambush. In a nutshell, it is a strategy that takes the audience by surprise. If you want your brand to be noticed this is one way to get the job done, unfortunately, this method is also executed without the event organizer’s knowledge making it the riskier option.

I have seen events where companies have used this tactic and it created a real buzz, not only did they essentially gate crash the production but cannons shot out mini box versions of the product (which happened to be a cookie – yes please).

How they did it caused a positive stir but the cookie-shaped box made it memorable, and now every time those people see that branding they will relive the event and that moment. Win-win.

This is how you become a name in the conversation, clever tactics paired with brilliant packaging design, and you could be the next topic of social media.

Check out to not only get professional guidance from industry experts to take your product packaging to the next level, but to design your brand the way you envision it. A small idea could be the start of your empire, the time is now.

Experiential. A trickier option as it requires one or more of the above points being used but with the help and interaction of the audience or public.

A final thought

The world is full of surprises and companies are coming up with new ways to promote daily, and guerilla marketing is not only a great budget-friendly option but it catches a lot of attention at once.

All it takes is one social media post or comment and your logo could be going viral, see this link for an interesting article on the subject and how it could benefit your approach.

Marketing has been used for centuries with people wanting others to ‘want’ their products and it is no different today, only now do we have the means and funds to reach a larger audience in more elaborate ways.

We all know the greatest saying of all time, ‘go big or go home,’ and this couldn’t be more true.

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