5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know to Properly Take Care of Your Hair

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Our hair is one of the essential organs of our body. It helps protect our skin from all sorts of nasty invaders, and they are also considered to be part of the family of ‘accessory organs.’ Accessory organs are important for the way we look, and ultimately, our self-esteem.

Although balding is a pretty common occurrence, especially for older people, there are ways you can prevent it.

Approximately 25% of Americans start showing patterns of baldness by the age of 21. This percentage increases by almost triple for people aged 35, and by age 50, almost all Americans have lost their hair or are showing the symptoms of hair loss.

This is a serious problem for those who are much younger, specifically the 25% of young adults who show patterns of baldness at such an early age.

There is one main reason why baldness happens among many Americans, and it’s called Androgenetic alopecia. It’s genetic, and much like many genetic diseases, it’s bound to happen to you at some time in your life.

However, experts believe that with some extra care, you can avoid it in the future.

1. Natural Shampoo

Our shampoo is one of the most important hair care products we have in our arsenal. However, it’s known to cause dandruff and a dry scalp. If left unchecked, the combination of these things can cause baldness in the future.

Commercial shampoo has been known to cause dandruff. Some of the ingredients it uses are even harmful to your scalp and hair if you use them for a long time. One way you can stop this from happening is by using natural shampoo for dandruff. A combination of natural shampoo and conditioner can repair your scalp and bring your hair back to what it used to be before. Since it uses natural ingredients, it won’t affect your hair and scalp as commercial shampoo does.

It’s a good alternative to have if you have androgenetic alopecia in your family. Even if natural shampoo can’t stop baldness, it can drastically reduce the hair loss you experience every year by reducing its symptoms.

2. Scalp Massages

These are fairly common if you go to a salon or even in a spa. It feels great and calming, but its effects it’s not just limited to those things. Studies have shown that scalp massages have been known to control hair loss and even prevent baldness from happening.

You can do scalp massages in the comfort of your home, with or without someone’s help. It’s all about running your fingers into your scalp, back and forth, gently, but with enough pressure for you to feel it. Feel free to use oil, but make sure you wash it out afterward. Do this for fifteen minutes twice a day, and it should significantly reduce your hair loss.

However, if you are already experiencing severe hair loss, then this might expedite the process, so avoid doing scalp massages if that’s the case


3. Avoid Vices such as Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and drinking are bad, and we all know that. However, the biggest preparator for baldness is smoking.

Chemicals from smoking are known to affect hair growth. It can also lead to hair loss if you’re doing it too often in one day. You should avoid this vice if you don’t want to be bald by your early 30s.

If you can’t avoid it, at least learn to reduce your intake in different ways, such as vaping. Through vaping, you can control the nicotine you can take every time you smoke. This can reduce your chances of baldness and eventually help you avoid it entirely.

4. Transition to a Healthy Diet

If you’re eating a diet that’s heavy on trans fat and cholesterol, there is a huge chance you’re experiencing the symptoms of baldness right now. Your diet can drastically affect hair growth and hair loss, and if you don’t transition to a much healthier diet, it will affect your life entirely.

Eat a well-balanced diet that has omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and healthy carbohydrates. This should reduce hair fall and help you maintain hair growth throughout the years.

5. Reduce Stress

Lastly, you must reduce stress in your life. Our mental health plays a big role in how we function every day, and stress has been known to be related to all sorts of adverse life factors, including balding.

Learn how to take it easy and avoid things that stress you out. By doing these things, you can avoid becoming bald at such an early age.

Here are some things you can do so that you can avoid Androgenetic alopecia in the future. They’re not treatments for the disease, but it’s known to prevent it from happening. So give it a shot whenever you can so you don’t succumb to such a disease at such an early age.

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