Why a House is Better Than an Apartment

The main aspects of the choice…

The reasons why you should choose a private house are different. A family with children dreams of moving from a small apartment to a spacious country house, for example, near clear lake Iowa.

An elderly couple moves closer to the plot, leaving the apartment together with the city bustle to the children. The plot in front of the house will allow you to be outdoors more often.

You will not have to spend a lot of time deciding to go to nature – it is already close by. But all the charms of country life will manifest themselves only if the place for the house is chosen environmentally friendly.

It’s not very pleasant to live near a dusty highway or a railroad, for example, you can look at houses for sale in Mason City Iowa. The main criteria that should be followed when choosing a home are as follows:

  • There should be enough space for everyone – each family member has his personal space.
  • Clean air, greenery, a pond are indisputable advantages.
  • It is great if there are shops, a school, a kindergarten, entertainment, and medical institutions nearby.
  • It should be possible to get to your place of work without any problems.
  • The absence of a criminal situation in the area and ensuring proper security is the most important condition.



  1. Ecology! Cleaner air and its water. Less noise from the street and radiofrequency and EM pollution.
  2. There are no neighbors close to the walls. There is no uncontrolled unpredictable noise of the puncher.
  3. A high degree of autonomy and independence. We only pay for what we need. In the event of a gas shutdown, we switch to electricity. If the electricity disappears, we switch to the generator.
  4. The presence of a plot is an additional space for living and a place under the sun. Barbecue, tan, swimming pool, sports, sandbox, swing, swimming pool, etc.
  5. The size of the house, the layout of the premises, the material of the walls, and the ceilings of our choice.
  6. The opportunity to realize their hobbies. Workshop, garage, shed, basement, storage.
  7. The opportunity for children to spend more time on the street and without the need for constant parental supervision.
  8. Outdoor recreation within walking distance. The lake and the forest are nearby. You don’t have to go anywhere.



  1. It is necessary to have more income and a reserve of money for force majeure.
  2. Ideally, have 2 cars.
  3. The cost of additional time on the way to work/study (20-30 minutes in the morning and the evening).
  4. A lot of work around the house outside and inside and care for the site. Fences, gates, paths, beds, greenhouses, gardens, etc.
  5. There are more risks of attack, the capture of people in the house.
  6. Elimination of equipment accidents at your own expense.



A house will suit you if:

  • You have a remote job or a flexible schedule. If you spend whole days at work and on the road to it, it is unlikely that you will be able to have time to enjoy country life and perhaps buying a dacha is more suitable for you;
  • You like privacy and silence;
  • You are an economic person and constant chores around the house are not a burden to you;
  • You want to have your plot (plant a vegetable garden, build a swimming pool, etc.).

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