6 Top Features Of Unify Office By RingCentral

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As remote working becomes a norm in pandemic times, businesses look for innovative solutions that keep them connected seamlessly with employees and customers.

Unify Office (UO) by RingCentral is a Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) that covers businesses on communication and collaboration fronts.

It enables them to connect, communicate, and collaborate with high-end voice, video, and team messaging solutions from anywhere and across all devices.

It is a worthwhile investment for any organization right now when remote work is the lifeline that keeps them going. Let us explain the features of Unify Office in detail.


1. A single platform that supports multiple integrations

Unify office offers simplicity for businesses as it serves as a single platform that supports multiple integrations.

If you have existing business applications such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google productivity suites, you need not worry about integrating them with Unify.

They blend seamlessly, so there is no reason to worry about disruptions to the existing workflow.


2. Flexibility to work from anywhere

UO offers immense flexibility for businesses, which is an essential requirement for enterprises working remotely due to the pandemic.

The platform was built to allow anywhere working, providing all the tools employees require in a single app.

It lets them utilize the cloud for workflows and data storage, making it easy to access information securely and collaborate with the team, regardless of their location.


3. Device-independence

Apart from anywhere accessibility, the platform also offers the feature of device independence. With unify office, you can run the applications on desktops, laptops, desk phones, mobile phones, and tablets.

Employees have the freedom and flexibility to work with a device of their choice, and they can do it even when they are out in the field. It empowers your business with mobility and future readiness.


4. Versatility in modes of collaboration

If you want your business to stay on top of collaboration and communication, you cannot rely only on voice.

UO brings immense versatility with collaboration features encompassing diverse modes, including voice calls, audio conferencing, video meetings, chat meetings, file sharing, screen sharing, task management tools, and more.

Your team will be connected with every possible mode.


5. New call features

Users have access to a wide range of new call features that make life a lot easier even as they work remotely. Switching from voice calls to video calls takes a single click.

Users can also pick authorized calls directed to another extension. It is easy to set up queue overflows to extensions to have more calls answered instead of routing them to voicemail.

Better call features bring improvement in customer experiences and drive caller satisfaction.


6. Seamless migration

Another feature that makes UO by RingCentral stand apart is seamless migration capabilities. The switch from traditional on-premise telephony systems to UO is easy, and businesses can do it at their own pace.

Further, they have reliable end-to-end migration support to facilitate the transition and ensure that communication is up and running even as they migrate.

Unify office is definitely the smartest investment that a business can make in the pandemic era. The sooner you do it, the better!

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