5 Tools You Need to Streamline Your Restaurant’s Operations

Running a restaurant can be difficult work. You may be wondering how to make your daily operations more manageable, and that is a valid question. What is the answer? Technology.

If you use technology in your everyday life, why would you not consider getting the best system you can in order to run your business as smoothly and as simply as possible?

Utilizing new and groundbreaking devices or ideas can help you to take your business to that next level you have been trying to reach.

With a plethora of technology available to you, the right fit will ensure a successful transaction and business base for both your customers and your staff.


#1 PAR Pay

Transactions are an essential element in running a successful business. Without them, you would not be able to keep going. So, why would you settle for a non-technology-based system when it could significantly increase your efficiency with your staff and customers?

Modern restaurant merchant services offer features like a Quick Chip and real-time transaction visibility of transactions. Even more, you can implement an elaborate POS system to place in a central location of your restaurant and add a few other smaller terminals that connect to the central hub via the cloud.

This would be great for larger restaurants, so wait staff isn’t running across the floor to get to the one terminal that someone else might be using.

These modern POS systems can do a multitude of tasks like dealing with payments, tracking inventory, managing employee schedules, customer loyalty programs, and more. One system that performs these tasks creates efficiency and success.


#2 Mobile Ordering

With mobile ordering, customers do not have to step foot into the restaurant in order to give you business! This is an excellent option for those looking for a night in but still want to enjoy your cuisine.

Additionally, this can be the “saving grace” option for non-English speakers, as the technology allows people to order in the language they desire.

If you do not have someone on staff and this person came in to order, you would lose their business immediately due to a language barrier.

With mobile ordering, you can knock out plenty of obstacles for your customers and increase your customer base from something as simple as an app.


#3 Tabletop Tablet

The tabletop tablet is especially beneficial for restaurants that are extremely busy throughout the day. During a rush, customers can order or pay their bills from their table without the server having to come to help them.

Of course, if you are worried about this technology taking over the face-to-face contact, the customer always has the option to pay with the server instead. However, having a choice can be beneficial to both parties in some instances.


#4 Handheld Server Tablet

If customers have access to a tablet for payments, why not have servers utilize one as well?

Having a handheld tablet for your servers can be extremely beneficial during the ordering process for all parties involved.

If you have a system in the kitchen that displays all orders, this tablet would also be able to sync with it as well, allowing for all orders to be recorded for chefs or other servers to see automatically.


#5 Mobile Payment

Mobile payment is extremely popular with today’s crowds. This includes mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay-plus many more!

With this, your customers will be able to use their phone, touch it to the screen, and the payment will go through. This is also an excellent way for people who want to go card or cash free to be able to enjoy the freedom of paying through their mobile devices.

This also expands your ability to accept another type of transaction method, which will grow your business.


Expand Your Business!

While exploring new payment technology for your restaurant, you should consider a multitude of options. These devices or technologies can expand your business and success, which is always a plus.

With so many different options to choose from, you are sure to be able to find one that will enhance your transaction and overall experience with your customers.

Additionally, these can help your staff feel appreciated since technology will better their experience with your clientele, and enable them to give the best service that they can.

What tools are you using to grow your restaurant business? 

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