How to Protect Your Plumbing from Tree Roots

The trees in the house premises can damage the plumbing or sewerage pipeline. It can affect severely without even giving the clue or realization that something is getting wrong inside.

In general, it is observed that the tree roots are attracted towards the sewerage pipeline. It can be due to the moisture, nutrients and other elements require for the growth. In this case, if the roots make their way towards the pipeline and start growing will cause severe damage.

It requires the proper maintenance or repair to avoid serious damage. Moreover, it is suggested to have the proper inspection about the leakage, tree roots growth, and any other signs that help to identify the problem.

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Ways to protect the plumbing from tree roots

The tree roots are damaging to the health of sewerage pipes. Remember, that they did not attack the pipe without finding the leaks or breakage in the pipeline. So, important to check the health and have a routine inspection to avoid the problem.

Here are some ways that are considering helpful for sewerage pipeline protection:


1. Plant after locating sewerage lines

The first thing as a house owner you have to do is planting the trees after locating the pipeline. It is important to check the area where the sewerage line starts and check the appropriate distance from that to plant a tree.

Make sure to consider the proper gap in the garden area and the place where you set up the pipeline.


2. Set proper maintenance routine

With regular maintenance and repair, you can avoid multiple problems even before they begin. It is not suitable to wait for the time that the issue arises and cause damage then a person will look into the repairs and maintenance.

It is potentially important to choose the regular inspection schedule with the plumber to find out leakage or damages. The process will save you from spending extra costs and you can manage things within the maintenance budget.


3. Keep the growth controlled

It is usual that the roots find it comfortable to grow around and towards the sewerage pipeline. It happens because of the moisture and nutrients that attract the roots to grow.

You can adopt the proper growth controlling tips to avoid damage to the sewerage. It is effective to adopt the prevention measure before the damage knock at the door.

You can use some tools or get the services of the professionals that help to stop and redirect the growth of roots away from the pipeline


4. Pay attention to signs of damaged lines

The take care of the damages is important to avoid the growth of the roots of the tree towards the sewerage. Surely, the sewerage is friendly for the roots but not the healthy one. the roots grow towards the leakage and damage in the pipeline.

So, important to look after the damages and repair them on time to avoid the problem. Moreover, you can use some chemicals that help to avoid the issue. It is essential to look into the signs that will help to identify the problem with the pipeline.

If you have found the leakage, unnecessary moist or irregular water flow means there is damage in sewerage pipeline that require the treatment at right time.


5. Maintain a barrier between trees and sewerage line

Developing a good barrier between the sewerage line and the tree roots is another effective way to avoid the problem.

You can choose the chemicals and other cost-effective techniques to resolve the problem in no time. There are some components available in the market that helps to avoid the tree roots grow and protect the pipeline.

By trying the wood or metal barrier installation between the roots and sewerage line is also helpful to avoid the issue in the future.


6. Major signs of sewerage line damage due to tree roots

If as a homeowner, you will able to find out the problem with the sewerage pipeline then it is easier to eliminate the problem. So, pay attention to the signs that shown up and indicates that the problem is with the pipeline and needs to be resolved quickly.

Here are some signs that require your consideration and shows the problem with the tree roots that damaging the pipeline:


7. Experiencing a bad odor

The first thing that appears is the odor that you are experiencing the odor from the pipelines inside the house. It is because of the clogs and blockage that cause due to the roots clogging in the pipeline.

When the clogging continues to develop and unable to remove causes a severe or bad odor that indicates the problem with the sewerage.


8. Water overflow from pipelines

If you are experiencing a problem with the water flow that is not going any smooth means the clogging is available in the pipeline. It is easier to show in the bathroom or kitchen because these places have the excessive use of water.

If the water is flowing less or collecting in the sink means the pipeline is having to clog and require a quick inspection.


9. Drainage problem

The drainage problem in the bathroom is another clear sign of clogging in the sewerage.

The water is not flushing down quickly and cause trouble in passing the wastage means the drainage is blocking due to clogging. So, it requires a quick inspection and checks about the drainage to avoid the sewerage issue.


10. Seeing the drain flies in the home

In the case of the water collection due to the poor drainage and water flow, the drain flies appear.

If you have seen the drain flies in the home over the pipeline means, there is a blockage in sewerage that needs quick assistance.

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