How To Take Action If You’re Injured In Public

Being injured in public could mean slipping because of a wet floor or falling from a staircase due to a structural defect.

Slips and falls in public areas, such as supermarkets, malls, retail stores, offices, parks, and amusement centers, may cause mild and severe injuries. But who is responsible for these accidents if someone got injured?

And what would you do if you experienced such an incident?

This article will guide you better on how to take action if you’re injured in public. There are a couple of things you can do.

Seek Prompt Medical Attention

Your safety must be the priority before anything else. A bystander, another customer, or staff may assist you if you suddenly slipped, fell, or trip in public.

Don’t refuse to seek immediate treatment for proper intervention and ensure you’re safe before going home. Also, you’ll need medical documentation for claims purposes.

Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer

Slips, falls, and trips can happen anywhere, and most often than not, it’s not the victim’s fault. Public places by law, like buildings, walkways, and parking lots, must be maintained for public safety, called premises liability.  This is why you need someone to help you navigate through these issues like A&E Legal Bunbury.

Being seriously hurt after a slip, fall, or trip on someone else’s property can be pointed to the property owner’s negligence. Victims are entitled to compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A nurse attorney Michigan specialist can help assess your injuries and know the best legal action to take in order to seek compensation for your damages.

Here’s how a personal injury lawyer can help if you’re injured in public:

  • Incident Reporting: A personal injury attorney can help you report the incident to the property owner to seek fair compensation for your hospitalization or medical expenses and other damages.
  • Handle Paperwork: Personal injury claims tend to have confusing paperwork, and it’s your lawyer’s responsibility to handle and submit all paperwork on or before deadlines.
  • Negotiate: Hiring a lawyer with experience handling similar cases is advisable so that you can benefit from the attorney’s negotiation and litigation skills. In this way, you have a strong case and obtain a fair amount of settlement.
  • Document Everything Proper documentation is critical to any personal injury claim. As much as possible, gather evidence after the incident. You can ask someone, like the person who was with you during the accident, to take pictures. Forward all evidence to your lawyer for compilation and review.

Check the following tips to keep you guided on how to document a slip, fall, or trip accident:

  • Take note of the incident’s exact date and time. Get the names, phone numbers, addresses, and other contact details of all potential witnesses because their statements are important to help prove your claim and obtain a fair settlement.
  • Take note of what you were doing before the incident.
  • Remember and jot down the way you feel.
  • Take pictures of the incident scene or the exact location where you tripped, slipped, or fell. Also, take photos of icy patches, stairs, wet floors, or other conditions that possibly contributed to the accident.
  • Keep your clothing and shoes you were wearing during the incident in a safe storage place because they can be used as evidence in resolving your case.


Report The Incident

Business establishments usually carry liability insurance, protecting business owners from the cost if someone gets hurt on their property.

Their insurance companies will compensate victims of slips, falls, and trips as part of the policy agreement. If you’re a victim, it’s crucial to report the incident as soon as possible to the manager, landlord, or property owner.

The following tips can help you with reporting the incident:

  • Supply All Details: Get all the details of the slip, fall, or trip incident in writing for proper documentation.
  • Ask for A Written Report: Ask the landlord, manager, or property owner to make a written report. Make sure that the date and time, your injuries, and what caused the incident are fully indicated.
  • Attach Evidence: You can supply photos and videos if you have taken them, like pictures of your bruises, wounds, and extremity and head injuries. Ask for CCTV footage to be submitted with the report to the insurance provider.
  • Ensure Legality: Ensure that the report is correctly signed by all parties involved. Request a copy of the incident report before you leave. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is vital to handle these things to ensure your claim’s success.


When you got injured in public, make sure to seek immediate medical treatment and call your personal injury lawyer.

An experienced attorney can handle the reporting, investigation, filing, and negotiating of your personal injury claim.

Document everything to support your claim, and don’t give a statement until you talked to your lawyer.

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