PixLite 16 MkII Control Board: A Backbone for Lighting

Ethernet brings universal addressability, high performance, and multi-master controls.

Currently, many users are looking for smart Ethernet-based products that can offer modern & committed network technology and flexibility to lighting jobs.

It is massively recognized that Ethernet is the backbone when it comes to lighting systems.

For more handful information on Ethernet and PIxLite 16 MKII control board device, read the below-mentioned pointers:


Inexpensive Upgrade

An Ethernet pixel controller is a low-cost commodity that can be easily found on online stores and physical shelves in stores. This modern-day device can be sourced from multiple sources.

In the IT industry, it is quite a familiar device for upgradation. Its connectors are reliable and universal that can be terminated depending on the needs of the users by simply employing simple tools. Switches are normally used to connect the Ethernet network systems.

They are best suited to manage and transmit the packets. Furthermore, an Ethernet network happens to bridge other non-Ethernet and Ethernet networks by using off-the-shelf items. Users can expect long-run cables with minimal latencies.


Superior Lighting Network

It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that Ethernet is considered a backbone for lighting. It is because a contemporary ethernet pixel controller has to provide better lighting networks that contain digitally revolutionized network equipment and gateway.

This is beneficial for users in terms of converting data into natively understandable formats. Furthermore, modern-day Ethernet-based lighting protocols are designed to drastically improve the results.

Like Art-Net or Streaming ACN (sACN), which is known to compress older protocols of lighting, for instance, DMX/RDM.


Better Network Installation

Contemporary DMX/RDM based networks are prone to minimal errors. An Ethernet lighting network offers better architecture and high-level details.

DMX/RDM uses a variety of competent and compatible connectors that ensure enhanced superior loading and electrical noise resistance. Indeed, Ethernet network installation is a direct activity. Users don’t need to invest in any hard-to-find equipment or exotic tools.

Nowadays, RJ45 (8P8C) connectors are being utilized for Ethernet cable types. This ensures high speed (10/100/1000Mbit/s). With module connectors, better cables of any length can be positively worked.

Furthermore, in-built LED indicators happen to give a signal when the network is inactive or not working properly. This can also verify whether the cables are properly installed or not.


Quality Features

Indeed, PixLite 16 MkII controller is well-suited to directly connect LED pixels. It is a highly efficient pixel control device that allows specialized grade lighting displays

. It is usually powered by 2nd generation processor that can feasibly drive up to 16,320 RGB pixels (i.e. 12,288 RGBW pixels). Besides, it is capable of simultaneously controlling via E1:31 or ArtNet.

It is known that PixLite 16 Long Range MkII controlling device can directly four additional DMX512 universes. Art-Net and sACN are the protocols that are easily supported by the PixLite controller.

And it is adequately designed for multicasting and unicasting. Other quality features include a better chipset, control protocol, reasonable product weight, and suitable current voltage.

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