iPad Broken? Here Are 3 Ways to Repair It

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

iPads are one of the most useful devices whether for students, gaming enthusiasts, artists, illustrators, or those who love to edit videos.

With some of the most amazing apps developed exclusively for iPads, they easily become a part of our day-to-day life whether it’s for leisure or work.

And when the screen of your iPad breaks, it can be of great inconvenience.

And when an accident breaks the screen of your iPad, there are three ways to get it repaired.

Here’s a little bit about each method to help you understand which one suits you best.

Do It Yourself

While not always recommended, there are certain ways through which you can repair the screen of your iPad by yourself. However, this may require a certain amount of mechanical inclination and expertise. Various websites sell off-the-shelf repair kits for screens.

And when exploring options, ensure that it is specifically made for the model that you own. However, before you spend your money on a repair kit, you should check what layer of your iPad has been broken.

The screen has 3 layers— while the top layer is a protective glass layer, the other two layers are for the touch mechanism and the LCD. Know what layer has been damaged and invest in a repair kit accordingly. And before you get to the repairing part, make sure that you wear safety goggles.

Go To An Expert

The DIY method may not be suitable for a majority of people. And so, it makes sense to hit a third-party store for expert help.

One of the reasons why people prefer to go to third-party repair stores is that it is relatively cheaper, and for those who own iPads past their warranty period, it can be an extremely expensive affair to go to the Apple store.

However, getting the screen of your iPad repaired still involves money. So, it is recommended that you do your research and make sure that the third-party repair store that you go to has professionals who have the required expertise and access to good-quality replacement parts. And once you’re sure, you can approach the expert for an iPad screen repair.

Call Apple

While a cracked iPad screen will definitely have you worried, you’re in luck if the warranty period is still valid in your case. This can help bring down the costs involved in getting the screen of your device fixed.

However, whether or not your iPad is past the warranty period, you should still make it a point to call Apple and get to know the costs involved in getting the screen repaired.

This will give you an estimate as to how much the screen repair would cost at an Apple service center versus how much you would have to pay at a third-party repair store. You can either go to the nearest Apple store or send it to the store via mail if that’s a more convenient option.

However, mailing it to an Apple store will incur a certain amount of money as a fee.

A cracked iPad screen is sure to induce panic and worry, not to mention how a screen replacement costs an arm and a leg, especially at the Apple store.

While that is inevitable, what you can do to save some amount of money and get the right deal does your research and find a third-party repair store that does the job perfectly and uses high-quality replacement parts. And to make sure this never happens again, it makes sense to keep your device protected using a screen protector.

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