Nothing But The Truth About Starting Your Own Business

Those who start their own business are not those who want a quiet life.

There is nothing small or quiet about working a business of your own and in the early days, being an entrepreneur means that you’re burning the candle at both ends no matter what you do.

You work hard and you keep your nose so close to the grindstone that you could grind it right off – and you don’t stop there. You work every single moment you can work and for your efforts, you’re not guaranteed any success.

It’s very hard to have the motivation to get started with a business if you’re not the type of person to be a nose-grinder, but it can be very rewarding once you do get going.

If you can survive the first 12 months after you Start an Estate Sale Company or start a side hustle alongside your current job, you’re going to make it.

You need to be told the cold, hard truth when you decide to start your own business, and we’ve got four real truths that you need to know before you press the accelerator and get going.


  • You Can’t Do It Alone. Even if you start out alone, you’re not alone. You may think that you can handle every single aspect of your business, but you need other people’s opinions, expertise, and help. You may not hire anyone to help you in-house, but you may outsource to an agency instead. You need to be able to rely on more experienced business owners for advice, too. Bringing in professionals is a must when you are running your own business. Leave your ego behind and accept all the help and advice you can get. Some of it may not be relevant to you, but you can be grateful for the information that you get.


  • You Need To Talk To Your Customers. Without the information and opinions of customers, you cannot evolve your business the way that you want to. Entrepreneurs often think that they can get by without talking to customers and it’s just not the case. You need to hear from them to know that you are doing the right thing – especially if you plan to diversify. The key to your brand’s success is in the opinions and feedback from your customers.


  • Nothing Is Guaranteed. You could do everything right, but it doesn’t mean that you can make a profit. It sounds harsh, but all businesses go through a low point as they build up. They keep their prices low and their sales high but break even. You need to have a profit line, so you need to find a way to cover your expenses for that first year of working for yourself. Once you do that, you can lean on it while you build your success.


  • You May Not Make It. Ah, the harshest truth of all! You may not get to the end of year 2, and that happens more often than you think. You should be prepared for it to go wrong, but plan for the best!

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