The Pros and Cons of Slots With No Deposit Bonuses

There are so many different online slots to play and so many websites through which to play them that competition for your attention (and money) tends to be fierce.

So what do these online casinos do? They offer welcome bonuses when you first join, or bonuses when you refer someone to play there, or bonuses when you spend a specific amount of money… and so on – learn more at Slots Baby.

They also offer no deposit bonuses, which many players enjoy very much. These bonuses essentially mean that you can play online slots without spending any money.

The bonus might be given in credits, free spins, or perhaps even a payout and this will depend on the casino itself as to what they want to do. So it all sounds good, doesn’t it?

And it’s easy to see why no deposit bonuses are popular, even sought out. Yet there are negative points to note too.


No Deposit Bonuses – The Pros

The first positive aspect of no deposit bonuses is that it allows complete beginners to try online slots without risking their money.

If there is no deposit option then those who don’t know what they are doing can easily spend far too much in pursuit of learning how it all works. When you can opt for no deposit, you can play and learn and not lose a thing.

No deposit bonuses often don’t have any restrictions. This means you can try your hand at different kinds of online slot games before settling on the type that you like the best. This makes playing slots a lot more fun, and you can express your own personality quite easily.

Perhaps the biggest pro when it comes to no deposit bonuses is the fact that you can win money – and withdraw it (subject to certain restrictions, depending on the casino) – without the risk of spending your own money.


No Deposit Bonuses – The Cons

When playing online slots with no deposit bonuses you may find that the casino sets a maximum cash-out limit meaning that no matter what you win, you might not receive it all.

This makes sense; if the casino hasn’t received any income from you, then it needs to protect itself with these payout restrictions. Be aware of this so as not to be disappointed if you ‘win’ big but don’t receive what you were expecting.

Other casinos might put additional conditions for using the no deposit bonuses. They might, for example, need you to win a set number of games before you can withdraw any of your winnings at all.

One of the biggest issues with no deposit bonuses is that it can lead those who possibly shouldn’t be playing (such as those who are underage and have no access to a credit card, or those who have an addictive personality) to play quite easily. Addiction can begin in this way, as there are no risks so it is seen as an easy thing to do.



Although there are both good and bad points to consider when it comes to slots with no deposit bonuses, generally they are seen as a good thing.

They allow people to play online slots with no risk, giving them the chance to build up their knowledge so they can have a more enjoyable experience when they play with their own money.

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