Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About The Future Of Property Markets

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The Property Markets have been going through a bumpy road during the last year. In the previous year, as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, property markets and house sales have hit heavily by the rolling restrictions and lockdowns.

It is hoped that 2021 will recover the housing markets once a vaccine is rolled out in the general populace.

Future forecasting seems to predict that house prices are set to start rising in the next few months.


Restoring And Reviving Property Markets

During the lockdowns and recent restrictions, people are now looking to reevaluate their living spaces and are now looking to seize the government’s cuts to stamp duty. This is picking up speed and raising hope within the markets.

Forecasts predict that home prices nationally will rise by at least 6.6 % during the year from now until May 2021. The predictions, however, are open to fluctuations within the markets.

The recovery is also being led by borrowers exploring loan options, who can take advantage of low-interest rates. As interest rates are at a historic low, this is creating an enticing perspective, to home buyers in every country across the globe.


A House of Your Own

So, you’ve closed your sale, and the property you have purchased is now all yours. It’s an exciting time, but what will you need to take to insure your move goes smoothly during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

During the lockdown, it has been a challenging experience for most people, but moving during this time has it’s additional stresses when social distancing measures need to be accommodated.

The following is allowed during the lockdown:

  • Renters and homebuyers can move.
  • Estate agents and removals companies.
  • Construction remains open.
  • Tradespeople can enter properties.

In-person viewings are allowed, with prior arrangements and the attendance of a realtor or estate agent present.

You will also need to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

If possible, the current occupants should not be present. However, they should provide washing facilities for you to use during a viewing.

Here are a few helpful tips to ease the stress of your house move:

  • Engage the services of removal experts.
  • Have a well-executed plan.
  • Stay alert and stick to social distancing protocols.
  • Use items that you already have to help reduce costs. Wrap breakables in towels instead.
  • Check all removal boxes are secure before moving.
  • Try to avoid using bin bags, and plastic bags – this will help reduce any risk of family heirlooms being thrown out by mistake.
  • Invest in vacuum storage bags. You can pack these with bulky material items. The bags are waterproof and will reduce dust – this technique also reduces too many cardboard boxes.
  • Pack photos and precious items in wheeled suitcases; this will help to minimize any losses or help move things from place to place.

Enjoy your new adventure as a new homeowner, and dream about putting your stamp on your new home. Take out your paintbrush, and enjoy creating a beautiful home to fill with happy memories.

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