Signs That it is Time to Contact a Hot Tub Repair Service

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Preventative maintenance on your expensive and valuable hot tub is necessary to prevent future damages and repairs. Preventative maintenance keeps your hot tub in excellent running condition.

When you purchase a hot tub a Jacuzzi dealer, make sure that your hot tub is of the highest quality. A high-quality hot tub is built with durability and reliability.

The panel on a hot tub may send messages in error. You may be tempted to fix any problem yourself versus calling for a repair technician.

The question remains, “What do you have to do to assure yourself that you take good care of this expensive purchase?” If you are not an electrician or skilled hot tub technician, never be tempted to fix a hot tub problem.

Some issues, such as electrical problems, are only resolved by a certified electrical technician and this is the law.

The error light coming on is an indication that you need some preventative maintenance. When you call us for service, our certified technician may or may not find a problem. However, this is an indication that your hot tub may need some preventative maintenance. Calling in a professional is good preventive maintenance considering a host of safety issues.

Never attempt to fix a problem with your hot tub because you could damage the hot tub and lose your warranty. You can cause increased damage causing expensive repairs if you try to fix a mechanical or electrical problem on your own.

When you call us for maintenance checks on your home spa, this reduces the need for future repairs and service. You cannot buy an expensive spa and never use it or use it infrequently.

When you do not use your spa and call for regular maintenance checks, it will not run properly. Your home spa is meant to be used and enjoyed getting all the benefits your hot tub offers.

The best way to prevent future problems is through frequent checks of the filters and water care system. Your dealer can help you set up regular maintenance checks when you purchase your hot tub.

The best way to prevent issues from occurring is to maintain your hot tub’s filters. Ask your dealer if they offer cleaning and maintenance.

During maintenance checks, the technician can detect any upcoming and possible issues before they happen—the technician checks out the water system, power supply, and control panel. The technician can bring to light water system issues that save you from expensive repairs in the future.

  • Have you noticed cloudy water in the tub?
  • Do you notice decreased amounts of water and pressure coming from the jets?
  • Is the water weak, or have irregular surging jets?
  • Is there decreased heated water?
  • Have the filters been changed?

Hot tub owners frequently use oils or minerals in the water. It is alright to use these products but know that these products tend to clog up filters so that the filters do not operate as they should.

Clogged filters can damage the jets, pumps, and systems. Eventually, clogged filters can shut down the heater or pump. Cleaning the filter is an easy fix and prevents a host of problems. Check the filters frequently when you use minerals or oils.

Are the controls on your hot tub not responding as they should? When the controls become non-responsive, you need to reset the control panel by pressing, holding the touchscreen in any blank areas until it turns black.

It would be best if you fully charged the panel. It would be best if you rebooted the control panel with the remote.

If your hot tub does not turn on, you may have to restore the power by switching the breaker in the breaker box to the (On) position.

If this does not fix the problem, call in one of the technicians as the problem could be more severe and do not try to fix it as you could end up being shocked, causing you a serious injury.

A quality built hot tub means that all systems operate like a well-designed clock. The pumps, heating system, water purification, and control systems all work together.

Your hot tub is an engineering miracle. There are small fixes you can take care of; however, broader issues need our trained technicians’ expertise such as,

  • A repeated shut down of power
  • Repeated heating problems
  • A frequent shut down of control panel
  • Drops in water levels caused by a leak


Signs that You Need to Contact a Repair Technician

If you notice any of the following issues with your hot tub, it is time to call one of our professionally trained technicians to come and assess the problem.

If any of the following listed problems arise, shut your hot tub off until our technician can come and evaluate the situation so that more damage is not done to your expensive investment.

  • A Fluctuating Water Temperature
  • Decreased Jet Pressure
  • A Buildup of Algae
  • A Strong, Bad Odor
  • A Decreased Water Level, Noted Leaks
  • Error Codes on the Control Panel
  • Development of Mold or Mildew


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  • We offer maintenance services to ensure your hot tub is running smoothly.


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