5 Technologies that can Help Boost Vehicle Security

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, perhaps now more than ever. With modern technology and software solutions, it has become easier for vehicle owners to keep their car secure, whether parked at home, at work or elsewhere, as well as while it is on the go.

All you need is a high-quality car alarm system and a modern lock system to boost the security of your vehicle. However, developments in technology have also opened up opportunities for thieves and intruders to get access to your locked vehicle.

Even cars with high-speed electric systems can get stolen. According to the 2020 NYPD crime report, more than 2600 vehicle theft crimes were reported in New York in the past year.

The latest technology is crucial to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your vehicle. Let’s take a deep dive into the technology you could use to improve your vehicle’s security.


1. Car Alarm

No matter where you have parked your vehicle, your car alarm should always be activated.

A car alarm is the only way to keep an eye on your vehicle without having to be actually present in the garage. Even if your vehicle is parked outside your house, make sure that the car alarm is on and in good working condition.

The alarm is activated when someone touches your vehicle or your car collides with an object. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle is safe when parked in a parking lot.

Some alarm systems are integrated into a mobile app, meaning you will get a notification on your smartphone when someone touches your vehicle. This is especially useful if you are too far to hear the sound of the alarm.


2. Locking Wheel Nuts

Many car thefts happen because of the lack of a dedicated security system for car wheels. When the intruder is unable to steal your vehicle due to the high-security gadgets, they take the wheels.

It is, therefore, important to install premium technology tools to protect your wheels. This is mainly required if you park your car in a public parking space. Wheel protection tools don’t have to be too costly: if you don’t have the budget for the expensive tools, then the locking wheel nuts will do.

The steering wheel lock is another low cost but effective car security gadget. Installed on the steering wheel, this tool prevents the intruder from rotating the wheel.

Another tool is handbrake locks that don’t let the driver use the brake. Gearstick and handbrake locks are useful for anyone who has their car parked in a parking lot or on the street for long hours.


3. Vehicle Trackers

In the next five years, experts have estimated that the market for vehicle tracking tools will grow by $3 million.

A high-quality tracker doesn’t only track the total miles your vehicle has covered, but it works as a security tool if your vehicle gets stolen. With the tracker in place, rest assured that the thief can’t get away with your car.

You can easily locate your vehicle using the tracking system, with the most convenient tracking device being a GPS-based one. On the other hand, VHF systems offer the highest levels of security.

With this security gadget hidden in your car, you can track your vehicle down wherever it is. The only drawback of these tools is the cost: tracking tools are quite expensive.


4. Etching

Etching refers to the process of writing a unique number and a code on the front window of your car.

The etching doesn’t prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle. However, it makes your car easily recoverable when it is stolen, and so acts as a deterrent to thieves.


Parking Management System

Always park your vehicle in the parking lot that is secured with an advanced parking control system. These systems mean that unauthorized cars can’t easily enter the parking lot, keeping your vehicle safe from would-be thieves.

Nowadays, many private garages and parking spaces are controlled by this kind of advanced automated solution.

Not only does this technology restrict unauthorized vehicles’ entry to the lot, but it monitors the activities in the parking area 24/7. Therefore, it makes a big difference to always park your car in a secure parking lot.


5. Immobilizers

An immobilizer is a small electronic device that doesn’t allow anyone to start your vehicle until the immobilizer has been deactivated.

Even if expert thieves were able to decode the program, it would take a lot of time. Most thieves don’t even attempt to steal a vehicle that is secured with an immobilizer.

For additional security, always remove jewelry, cash, laptops, and other valuables from your car.

With modern anti-theft tools installed in your vehicle, it will be super challenging for the thief to get access to your car, let alone steal it.

In the unlikely event that your car is stolen, you can use tracking tools to easily locate it.

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