How to Buy Stellar Lumens With BTC on Godex

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Stellar lumens cryptocurrency (XLM or STR designation) is the internal currency in the decentralized network of the same name. The emission amounted to 103 billion coins, with most of them distributed among users.

At the very beginning, it was handed out free of charge for registering on the project’s website as part of a bonus program, so only 5% of the developers left for operating expenses.

Currently, XLM is the seventh cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization (about $ 10 billion), and the value of the coin has increased more than 150 times over the year.

Stellar is a fork of Ripple and its competitor. The project operates as a non-profit organization whose goal is to carry out fast and cheap financial transactions in the selected currency between users.

The declared number of operations is 1000 per second; commission – 0.00001 XLM (spam protection). Stellar, like Bitcoin or Ripple, has irreversible transactions, but it is possible to freeze an erroneously sent transaction.

The sponsors of the organization are BlackRock, Google, FastForward. The Stellar protocol is open source, so anyone can use the technology to make money transfers.

Currently, he works with banks, financial institutions, and companies. Among the partners is the well-known company IBM.

Stellar lumens cryptocurrency purchase methods

How to buy Stellar lumens and where to do it as simple, profitable, and reliable as possible:

  • On the cryptocurrency exchange where the XLM coin is traded. We recommend exchanges: Godex, the big exchange in terms of trading volume for Stellar BTC pair or BTC Stellar;

  • Exchangers

How to buy Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency on Godex

Use the Godex exchange to convert currencies at lightning speed and with purely nominal fees. You can exchange cryptocurrencies, it offers at least 18  bilateral directions with the most popular assets on the market.

Exchange transactions generally take a few minutes, as the site uses advanced software. In addition, it has profitable exchange commissions, thanks to which you can save a lot. The cost of exchange on exchanges is always lower than on individual special services.

Trade on Godex, use convenient exchange and many other useful tools for traders. Both beginners and experienced players will enjoy working on this site. Join and make only profitable exchanges.

One of the most compelling features for cryptocurrency traders is the huge list of supported coins. A trader can diversify a portfolio to protect investments from cryptocurrency market volatility.

Of course, the exchange supports gamblers: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and EOS. Godex also doesn’t forget about the smaller tokens with small caps. There are over 200 individual cryptocurrencies available for buying and selling, and the number is constantly increasing.

As noted above, the primary way to buy Stellar (XLM) is through a cryptocurrency exchange that lists the coin.

  • You need to select one cryptocurrency in the field “You send” and another to the field “You get”, for example, Bitcoin and Stellar. The sum you get will be calculated automatically;

  •  It is necessary to fill in “destination address” with Stellar address;

  • Send the cryptocurrency and after Godex receive it, the process will begin;

  • In a few minutes, it will be over

  • Completed; without registration; quickly and simple.

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