How To Save Money On Office Supplies

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A lot of business owners find themselves shocked with they review what they spend on office supplies. A lot of organizations are overspending.

Many businesses don’t how to reduce their costs or where to start. There are some effective ways to reduce your spending on office supplies and to run a more cost-efficient business.


Buy in bulk whenever possible

For the items that you use the most like pens, printer paper, toner, and other staples in bulk to get the lowest cost per unit that you can. Whether it’s pens or wholesale ink cartridges, you can negotiate big discounts when you make a bulk purchase.

Don’t get carried away and order more than you need, as this is just as wasteful as ordering in small amounts.


Don’t bother with brand name items

Do you need brand name office supplies? The only real difference, in most cases, is the name on the packaging. Name brand items have a higher price because people recognize the name, but they aren’t always better products.

Generic office supplies are almost always just as good. You’ll save money and won’t notice a drop in quality.


Shop online for the best deals

Shopping for office supplies online means you can easily compare prices from several different retailers very quickly.

This makes it much easier to find the best deals. Remember to factor in shipping costs. Shopping online is cheaper because online stores don’t have the overheads that physical stores do.


Make sure your employees aren’t stealing your supplies

A huge amount of employees admit to taking supplies from the office. Most will take cheap items like pens or sticky notes, and don’t mean any harm by doing so.

It might not seem like a big deal, but with several employees doing this can soon add up.

The real costs come in when more expensive items like ink cartridges and even office furniture are taken. Stay alert to this and put in place a system to prevent theft.


Track your monthly expenses

One of the main reasons that companies spend a lot of money on office supplies is because no one is paying particularly close attention to how much money is actually being spent.

Without looking at the numbers, do you know how much you spend on office supplies every year? For most people, the answer is no. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on your expenses on office supplies.

By tracking it, you can find areas where you’re overspending and areas where supplies are being wasted. You can see if you could get a better deal elsewhere, order less of something, or change delivery dates to make things more efficient, with less spending and less waste.

Office supplies can be a big expense for many offices, but by tracking your spending and making some small changes to the way your supplies are bought and used, you can use a lot less. Using less means less spend and less waste, which is good for any business.

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