The Importance of Feeling Comfortable While Driving

For pretty much everyone, one of life’s main goals is to ‘be comfortable’. That can mean anything from achieving financial security and being able to provide for yourself and your family, through to having a good bed to collapse on at the end of the day.

While you’re busy picking out extra fluffy socks and super soft pajamas, one of the bigger things to worry about is the comfort of the car you drive. Outside of your home and your place of work, there’s probably nowhere you spend more time than in your vehicle.

And there are a number of reasons why it’s important that you feel truly comfortable on four wheels.


The physical side

Driving, especially for extended periods of time, can take a significant physical toll on the body. How comfortable you are while driving can either help to negate or exacerbate any physical issues that come with sitting behind the wheel.

One word you may be familiar with is ‘ergonomics’ – or the efficiency and comfort of your environment. In your car, this mainly relates to how you’re sat and the quality of the ride. When considering potential health issues, poor ergonomics can be linked to:

  • Foot cramp
  • Lumbar (back) pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Side ache
  • Eye strain and headache
  • Numbness

While none of these issues are particularly dangerous or life-changing in themselves, they can become problematic if left to repeat. Take back pain, for example. A common complaint among the general population, and one that can lead to a plethora of more serious issues if it isn’t addressed.

Good car ergonomics are closely linked to good safety features, too, which means you’re better protected should you ever get into an accident.

On a lighter note, it’s just not very nice to feel a bit stiff and achy after a car ride, either.


The mental side

It depends on the day, but driving can be a really stressful activity. Morning traffic jams, dodgy drivers cutting you up, even a tight parking spot can put you under additional mental strain. With that quite literally in mind, car comfort is incredibly important for your mental health as well as your physical.

A comfortable car equals a comfortable mind. Having a relaxing environment to come into can make the drive home from work or the shops that bit easier while owning a modern car with a high safety rating and useful driver aids gives you that reassurance to drive confidently and calmly.

You can help yourself with the mental side too, remembering to take breaks and stay well refreshed on longer journeys. After all, we all know the value of a good leg stretch after an hour or two on the road.


What should you be looking for?

You’re about to head down to your local Kia dealer in Northern Ireland to seek out a new car. What are the main things you should be looking for, comfort-wise?

  • Ergonomic seating − to keep your back in good order
  • Good ride quality − to minimize any bumps in the road
  • Reliability − no breakdowns mean no stress
  • Safety − Euro NCAP safety ratings are the gold standard to judge the safety features of your car. You can check out a particular car’s rating on their website.
  • Personal behaviors − away from what the car can do for you, there’s plenty you can do for yourself. Think about your seating position, your ride height, and when you take breaks during journeys.

Having a comfortable car to drive might seem obvious, but there are plenty more reasons than most people think to have a well-suited driving environment. With a number of physical and mental benefits attached to high driver comfort, it should be a top priority for anyone when considering a new car.

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