CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats for Pain Relief

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a derivated compound of the cannabis plant but is more present in the hemp plant.

Cannabis is known for containing THC, whereas the hemp plant is known for containing CBD.

And the biggest difference of them all is that cannabidiol is a safe health alternative for pets, in comparison to THC, which can be toxic for them, and cause short-term to long-term health complications. Now you can even get CBD cats treats which is an easy way to give CBD to pets. Know more about it at http://petslady.com/article/we-found-cbd-cat-treat-holistapet-makes-it

Being a pet owner can be considered a blessing, but it comes with many burdens to overcome. Taking care of them, giving them attention, and ensuring their physical and mental well-being are one of many responsibilities, but there’s still more.

There are three things we have to make sure to be prepared for when we own a pet, and even though we might be somewhat ready for them, they may still be hard to deal with on their own. These three situations include our pets going through senior age, suffering from a disease, or being in an accident.

Although it might be hard on them and us, we have to be ready to make decisions in case these things happen. And one of these decisions includes the treatment we are going to use on them in case of pain is a common factor. Of course, there’s a wide variety of drugs and treatments used to deal with infections, inflammation, and other possible symptoms and conditions.

But when it comes to pain relief, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, might be one of the best alternatives you can find in the market as it is right now.

Senior Age

Most people use it to help their cats and dogs going through senior age. When cats and dogs grow old, they start developing symptoms that affect them physically and mentally. They can become more anxious and lose some of their mobility due to inflamed joints.

This inflammation causes pain, too, which may cause even more problems such as appetite loss and depression.  To help them deal with this pain you can use cbd pet treats to help them get through their older years.

It may be a little hard to know whether senior age has started affecting your pet, so you should definitely check this article over here for more accurate information on the matter.

Still, the very reason behind cannabidiol being used to help senior dogs is not only because of the inflammatory complications that happen but the pain that comes with it. It is great to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and help cats and dogs recover some of their mobility.

But CBD has also been used to help people deal with the pain of complicated treatments such as chemotherapy, known for being really hard on the body.


With old age, pets become prompt to suffering from complications and diseases, and pain is one of the symptoms of said problems. For them, cannabidiol becomes a miraculous alternative.

Of course, there are other advantages of cannabidiol. cbd for dogs, cats, and other animals has proven to be very beneficial in improving pets’ health.

CBD works pretty similarly among humans and animals, and as humans use it to deal with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, some pet owners have started cannabidiol combined with dog treats and cat food to help their pets deal with anxiety and stress.

Believe it or not, animals are very sensitive to stress, and being in an unknown or close environment can put them under a lot of stress. This can cause them to suffer from lots of symptoms, with the most common being depression and lack of appetite.

Other pets can suffer from something known as separation anxiety. Thankfully, you can find a pet hemp company for cats and dogs that provides specific products able to deal with this.


Usually, you would find CBD oil, the most common product you can find. Nowadays you can find threats and food that are great to help dogs with anxiety since they are more commonly attracted to edible things.

It also works wonderfully when we talk about trips and letting your pet rest in a kennel or a very small space. Some pets take these situations very badly, so having a countermeasure is always useful.

Overall, cannabidiol is a rather safe alternative because it provides great benefits without risking much of the dog’s or cat’s physical and mental health. And the results are visible after a couple of weeks, which is faster than most standard drugs.

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