How to Keep Your Pet Dogs Healthy With Awareness about 4 Little Things


Most people ask veterinary doctors about how they can extend their dog’s life and how to prevent losing them pretty much early.  Of course, they understand that health plays a significant role and mostly depends on nutrition.

There are a lot of cases that prove that dog food doesn’t contain enough vitamins and microelements which are vital especially for old dogs.

LivelyPaws natural dog supplements would help them to get nutrients that they need for maintaining healthy and active life as long as possible. People get broken-hearted if they lose their dogs. There are a few things that you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy.

People get broken-hearted if they lose their dogs. There are a few things that you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy.



The first thing to keep them away from getting unhealthy is to vaccinate them against major diseases that they might come across in their lifetime. It was believed in the future that the vaccinations of dogs are not very important.

But, over the course of time, they have realized that vaccinating your dog when they are 12 weeks old can help them develop immunity enough to fight diseases. It should not be done early than this age limit, as in that case, it will work against their health.


Cut down the use of drugs

One thing that is learned by researchers is that if the disease and chronic problems are solved through drugs, then they will end up creating more problems than before.

Drugs are lifesaving when it comes to anesthesia and when it comes to some advance and serious condition, but in another case, you must use the conventional methods, such as the use of herbs for treating an ordinary ailment of your dog. Introducing CBD in dogs’ life can help them fight many ailments, for more information about CBD for dogs, visit thepettown.

If you introduce foreign chemicals into the body of your dog through drugs and the body is already going through a disease, then the body must put energy into healing the disease as well as detoxing the drug.  It is, therefore, not optimal. Rather other natural sources must be used.

It is not like drugs are never needed, sometimes, they are. But, you can treat a condition 95% of the time, without any use of drugs. You can create health through nutrition, supplements, and herbs, such as CBD oil for dogs, which are health boosters.


Avoid Dog Treats

Dog treats are part of people’s lives who have dog pets at home. It is an expression of love for the dog. They are going to be always there but is important to consider that you give treat with good quality ingredients in them.

Do not give them weed-based treats, milk-based treats, and treats that have synthetic preservatives in them. Ideally, try to buy local treats and not those that are too cheap.


Collars and Lashes

Collars are medieval devices that people put on their dog’s necks and put lashes on them also. People then use it to tug and jerk; many sensitive structures in the throat and neck can get injured and affected by this practice.

People also use electric collars. They are very dangerous for your dog as they create electric or energy waves that enter their body. They must not be used in any case as they are a constant danger to their lives.

Dogs mean so much to so many people. They are our best friends and soulmates. They create so much energy in our lives, take us outdoors, take us for walk and exercise and ring extraordinary joy.

Dogs know how to live by enjoying simple things. Ultimately, all we need to do is to learn from them and take care of them because life is being with the ones that you love. This is what dogs bring for us, in return, all they need is your care and attention.

So what are you doing to keep your dog healthy?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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