Discounts and Manageability: 5 Advantages of Bundling Car Insurance With Another Policy

Auto owners approach insurers to purchase auto coverage according to their state’s mandated insurance requirements.

When purchasing coverage, the auto owner has several options for generating savings and simplifying their payments.

Reviewing the 5 advantages of bundling car insurance with another policy shows the auto owners why it is a great choice.


One Bill for All Insurance Policies

Bundling auto policies with homeowner’s, boat, or other auto policies condense the premiums into one monthly payment. It makes paying for insurance easier for policyholders and makes it more affordable.

Some insurance providers give auto owners great savings for choosing to bundle their coverage. Some options include umbrella policies that may offer additional coverage for certain items.

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They Only Have to Pay One Deductible

Reducing the coverage to one deductible helps the auto owner save more when they need to use their insurance coverage.

Without bundling the insurance policies, the auto owner would be required to pay a deductible for each individual policy whenever they file a claim.

On average, one deductible could be as much as $500 or more. The policyholder would have to pay the full deductible before the policy provides any coverage.

For example, if the policyholder was in an auto accident, they must pay their deductible for the policy. If they sustained property damage at home, the policyholder would have to pay a completely different deductible to get coverage through their homeowner’s policy.

By bundling the policies, the policyholder avoids the extra costs.


Discounts On Coverage

Receiving discounts on coverage such as multiple car discounts generate amazing savings for auto owners.

Bundling auto insurance policies gives the auto owner a discount on each individual policy and cuts down on the insurance premiums.

When bundling the auto policies, the insurer itemizes each policy to show the auto owner how much they are saving on each policy. Multiple car discounts can reduce the premiums based on the total number of automobiles added together.


Processing Claims is Easier

Simplifying the claims process makes it easier for the policyholder to obtain coverage without a lengthy process.

If the policies are separate, the policyholder will need to search through the different policies to complete the claim, and the process could become confusing.

The policyholder would have the search through the terms to see what type of coverage they have based on why they need to file the claim.

By bundling, all the policies are together, and the auto owner will just need to call their insurer to complete the process.


Easier to Make Changes

Auto owners who bundle all their insurance policies can make changes easier and complete adjustments without problems.

The insurer can access one file when making the chances instead of having to search via policy numbers.

The changes are applied immediately to the bundled policy, and the policyholder can get a print out through their user account with the new changes.

Auto owners purchase auto insurance to protect their investment and comply with federal and state laws.

However, some auto owners have additional policies they pay each month, and bundling the policies helps the auto owner save significantly on their monthly expenses.

Reviewing 5 advantages of bundling car insurance with another policy helps the auto owner determine if it is the best choice for them.

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