5 Causes Of Workplace Accidents That Businesses Can Avoid


There are countless dangers in the workplace. It is suggested that all workplace accidents could be avoided.

This can be done by having an awareness of the types of hazards that the workplace may face. Through the right training measures, it will be possible to highlight the things that employees need to be aware of.

In addition to this, understanding what the dangers are will mean that businesses can put safety measures in place that will protect employees and the public from any potential accidents.

Here are five areas that cause workplace accidents that all businesses can improve in.


#1 Poorly Maintained Operations

If there are poor standards throughout a business, accidents will happen. This can apply to poorly stored items that could cause injury when they are lifted, through to fire corridors and doorways being obstructed.

It could apply to machines that have not been serviced or factories that have no had a dust hazard analysis carried out to avoid explosions.


#2 A Lack Of Personal Protective Equipment

There are many tasks that require employees to wear personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, ear protectors, or steel toe-capped boots.

Companies should supply any relevant protective equipment. There should be a good stock of this, and anything that is shared by employees and reused should be regularly checked to make sure that it’s still safe.


#3 Lack of Training

If there is a risk of a workplace accident, then there needs to be specific training in that area to make sure that everyone understands the risks.

Training should be carried out whenever someone joins a team. It should also be revisited on a regular basis. Find ways of checking that training has been understood by the employees.

Use a mixture of different teaching methods so that every learning style is accounted for.


#4 Procedures Not Being Followed

If a company has set procedures in place, but they are not being followed, then there is bound to be accidents as a result.

If there are no measures in place to assess whether procedures are being followed thoroughly, then all of your effort in assessing risk and providing training and support is for nothing.

Carry out regular audits throughout your business to ensure all employees are carrying out all aspects of the health and safety policy. This should include spot checks and assessing documentation that proves that training and regular checks are being carried out often.  Here is great training on confined space entry training to help you out


#5 A Lack Of Measures Put Into Place

A business may see that they have a high proportion of workplace injuries because they have no procedures in place at all.

Where there has been no regard for carrying out risk assessments, providing protective equipment, and training, there is bound to be accidents.

You need to think outside the box a little if you are going to make sure that you are putting all the necessary measures in place. For instance: have you installed bollards in the car park? Are your staff able to access all measures that might be necessary? It is only by thinking about these details that you can ensure you are avoiding those unnecessary accidents.

In many of these cases, the company could be liable for legal action. This could result in a fine, or in the cases of the highest negligence, it could mean that the company directors face charges.

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