Why People Are Investing In Synthetic Urine During A Pandemic


Synthetic urine is manufactured in the lab but resembles actual urine.

It contains all the compounds you will find in actual urine. Some of the compounds you will get include sulfate, phosphate, uric acid, and creatine. But the urine does not contain the waste that you would find in human waste.

Thus, it is hygienic and can be used for tests without exposing the user to health risks. In this article, we look at why people are investing in synthetic urine, especially during a pandemic period.

#1 It is safe

Synthetic urine contains all the organic and inorganic compounds found in human urine.

However, it does not contain the human waste that makes the actual urine dangerous. So, it can be used for medical experiments.

Thus, you do not need to worry about exposing yourself to the risks associated with human urine.

#2 Can be used to pass the drug test

Sometimes it may be necessary for you to undergo san antonio drug testing and pass a urine test. On occasion, this may even be when you use the very drug that is prohibited. If you are allowed to collect the urine unsupervised, then synthetic urine can come in handy.

Since it is not possible to note the difference, you can as well submit the synthetic urine for testing. Investing in synthetic urine is better than relying on a friend who you think is clean.  What’s more is that with synthetic urine, you can alter the temperature. Besides, it eliminates the risk of impurities in the real urine from a friend.

#3 To remove acne

The beauty industry believes that urine can kill harmful bacteria from the skin. It can also be used to remove acne and detoxify instant clean. But honestly, you will not wash a client with human urine.

So if you must wash your face with urine to get flawless glowing skin, you may consider using synthetic urine. It is for this reason that most people are investing in synthetic urine. You reduce the risk of exposing yourself or the client to pathogens found in real urine.

#4 For fun

If you want to make fun of your friend or a spouse, the right compound for this is synthetic urine.

All you need is to buy it and pour it on the bed when they are asleep. You can later tell them what happened while they were asleep. It is a better method than using real urine.

#5 As a pre-employment requirement

If the employer does not condone the use of recreational substances you may not secure your dream job.

Also, if your employer fears that it may inhibit performance, they may want to hire employees who are not using the substance at all.

So, it may be necessary that you pass a urine test when you go for the interview. Synthetic urine can do the trick and in many cases can help you pass the test.

#6 Insurance screening

If you are using drugs, you may not be allowed to buy a life insurance cover.

Thus, it may be necessary that you go through a drug test to determine your status. Carrying synthetic urine during the interview could help you pass the exam.

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