6 Best Pieces Of Advice To Stop Burning Your AdWords Budget


If you want to get quick and effective results with your online marketing strategy, Google AdWords can get you going. Despite the amazing earning potential that this strategy offers, it is quite tricky when it comes to running a campaign successfully.

A lot of businesses, in fact, end up wasting money with AdWords, just because they fail to take the right approach. You can expect to see your budget siphoning off without any visible results in the form of clicks and conversions.

This can be the biggest nightmare for any business owner because a lot seems to go down the drain. Fortunately, avoiding wastage is easy; provided that you know the common mistakes you should steer clear of and understand the details of a well-crafted strategy.

Here are some useful pieces of advice that can help you stop burning your AdWords budget.


#1 Test keyword match types

Essentially, there are five keyword match types that you can use for running a Google AdWords campaign. These include broad match, broad match modifier, exact match, phrase match, and negative match.

Saving money on your campaign is all about using the right match type in your ads. For example, using phrase match, exact match and broad match modifier is recommended if you want to make your campaign more targeted and avoid irrelevant clicks coming for the ad.

This is crucial if you want to avoid wasting your budget on clicks that are least likely to convert. Thus, you must absolutely test the match type for every keyword that you would want to use or add in your campaign.


#2 Don’t forget negative keywords

While adding the right keywords is an essential aspect if optimizing your ad campaign spend, you also need to identify the ones you would want to be excluded from it.

Basically, these are the negative keywords that let you keep out the irrelevant and poorly-performing ones. Obviously, you would not want to use the keywords that fail to bring any traffic or bring the users who do not have the potential of becoming your customers.

Being selective with the keywords, therefore, helps you save money as your ads will not show up to the irrelevant queries. This approach cuts down your ad spend wastage to a considerable extent.


#3 Stay informed all the time

Perhaps the most important tip to prevent wastage and save up with an AdWords campaign is by staying alert and informed all the time it runs.

Investing in an AdWords Waste Measurement Tool is the smartest thing to do because it helps you keep track of the wastage spends a percentage of your campaign. You can actually identify the amount you are wasting on non-converting activities and make conscious corrective efforts to address them.

A proactive approach in this context can make a whole lot of difference to your campaign’s success in the long run.


#4 Target specific locations with your ads

Another way to avoid burning out your AdWords budget is by targeting specific locations with your ads. For example, if you run a food delivery business that delivers orders only within a 30-km radius, it definitely does not make sense to target the entire city with your ads.

By doing so, you will end up with a large number of irrelevant impressions and unneeded clicks which translate into wastage of your ad budget.

The best way to avoid losing money unnecessarily is by setting the campaigns to target specific locations on the basis of location and target sales for your business.


#5 Have a proper distribution schedule

While being specific with the target locations is vital, you also need to be careful about the ad distribution schedules as well. By default, campaigns show ads through all days and times (24 by 7).

The automatic setting is not a great idea because it can cost you a lot of money (with clicks coming at odd hours often being irrelevant).

It is advisable not to show the ads 24 by 7 if you want to avoid spending your campaign budget unnecessarily. Also, you can tweak schedules depending on your availability for providing services on specific and specific hours.

Imagine the potential customers trying to connect when you are not available; it can surely give your business a bad reputation.


#6 Work on improving ad quality

When it comes to optimizing your campaign budget, you cannot ignore the importance of ad quality. Clearly, the ones with higher quality tend to score well in terms of a greater number of clicks and lower cost-per-click rates.

Increasing the quality level of your ads is about ensuring that they align perfectly with user searches and their intent.

Additionally, you can rely on ad extensions to increase your click-through rate because they offer additional information to users and increase the chances of conversions.

Embracing these useful tips as a part of your AdWords campaign can go a long way in cutting down your ad spend wastage and driving success with less work. So you must definitely pay attention!

What are you doing to quit burning through your Adwords budget?

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