How to Find Your Dream House


While buying a house is incredibly exciting, it is also probably the most significant investment you will make in your future.

That mixes in a healthy dose of nerves and anxiety with excitement. There are not only countless house visits but also a lot of legal jargon and contracts.

Knowing when you have found the house of your dreams can be complicated. Here are some things to look for when buying a home, so you are happy with the decision that you make.


#1 Roof

When you first arrive at a house, you should always look at the roof first. Replacing a roof is costly in both money and time, so if you can avoid it, then you should.

A newer roof can lower your homeowner’s insurance rate, so you have to think about those savings.

The type of material that the roof is made out of should also be on your radar because it can mean the difference between damage in a storm or need to be replaced soon.


#2 Paint Jobs

A lot of times, people walk away from a great house because the decor is lacking. Ugly paint jobs can be overwhelming, but they are easy to fix.

Don’t pass up on a great house because the walls are an ugly shade of green. Look past personal preferences and see if the house is structurally sound, in a great location, and has everything else on your list.

You will not find a home that has everything on your list, so if you have to change something, make it a lousy paint job.


#3 Think Utilities

You should pay attention to the house’s temperature. If it is very hot when you are visiting in the summer or very cold in the winter, then it may be hard to heat and cool.

Check for drafts around windows and doors also. Heating and cooling costs can add up, and it can be costly to try to insulate an old house.


#4 Plumbing

Another big thing that you should look for when buying a house is the plumbing. Look at the pipes under the sinks and make sure there is no mold or visible water damage.

Do the pipes look old and rusty? If so, then walk away! Make sure you keep a lookout for weird smells in plumbing areas. Strange smells can indicate a more significant problem that you cannot yet see.

You should also flush the toilets and turn on the bathtubs to check the water pressure.


#5 The Land

Not only should you check the house thoroughly, but you should also pay attention to the land that comes with the house. Different pieces of land will come with various problems. Is it near a body of water?

If so, then you will have to worry about drainage and flooding. Having a real estate agent who knows about the area will be able to help you know what to look for when visiting a house.

You should look at lake murray real estate if waterfront property is appealing to you.

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