Is Your Workplace Safe?


As employers or business owners, we have a responsibility to keep anyone that works in or visits our business safe and out of danger.

It’s up to us to make sure our workplace and everything in it is safe and secure, and that any risks are minimized. Unfortunately, however, safety frequently gets overlooked. We focus on ways to make more money, attract more customers and grow our businesses, and so, costly mistakes are made.

In the worst situations, these mistakes can be the end of our business. So, perhaps this is the time to ask yourself if your workplace is safe and free from harm.


Have You Performed Risk Assessments?

Every business owner should carry out risk assessments. You can find risk assessment templates online, and there’s plenty of advice out there to help you, but the assessments themselves are something that you should do yourself.

Spend some time evaluating your business. Look at equipment, the building itself, processes and the task that your employees carry out. Assess any risks that you come across. Ask yourself what you could change to reduce risks, or what you could do to minimize them.

Or if you need to invest in safety equipment and uniforms. Separate assessments should be carried out for pregnant employees and anyone with additional needs.


Has Equipment Been Tested?

Some testing is a legal requirement. Your electrics and electrical equipment should be tested regularly to ensure that it is safe and meets standards.

But, if you’ve got specialist equipment, it’s worth taking the time to bring lifting equipment specialist in, to test and check any heavy lift equipment and other services.

These tests can ensure that your equipment and machinery is safe, and the inspectors may even be able to make on-site repairs and offer advice on maintenance and care.


Is Your Staff Well-Trained?

A crucial element when it comes to keeping your employees and customers safe is training. All staff members should be trained to do their jobs efficiently and safely.

They should be trained to use machinery or equipment, and they should know what safety equipment they need to use. It’s your job to create training plans and update knowledge when it is necessary.


Do You Have Cleaning and Maintenance Routines?

Keeping equipment clean and well maintained is another element of safety. Make sure you’ve got a cleaning rota, and organize regular maintenance checks and services.

For everything that you use. Ensure that cleaning materials are always available to make this easier.


Do You Take the Time to Re-evaluate?

Things change. Our businesses don’t stay the same. Equipment deteriorates over time, often adding a new level of risk. Replacements are bought, which aren’t the same as the old ones.

We hire new staff with different needs. You might even move into a new property, or change the nature of your business.

This means that you need to re-evaluate. Don’t assume that because your business is safe today, it will always be, spend a little time regularly reassessing risks and dangers, and making changes to keep everyone safe.

So is your workplace safe?

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