Which Show Should You See At The West End?


Are you planning a trip to the Big Apple for business or pleasure? If so, you’ve undoubtedly thought about visiting Broadway. 

Broadway is home to New York’s West End – a collection of more than fifty theatres famous all over the world for the fabulous quality of its shows. Broadway intersects Manhattan and covers a larger area than many people imagine.

Most of the theatres cluster around Times Square and the area immediately off it, but some run along Broadway Avenue, a street that cuts right across the regular gridiron pattern of the city. 

Deciding which show to see, however, can be a challenge. Not only are there dozens of theatres, but there are loads of different shows too, which can make making up your mind difficult. 

If only there were a tool that you could use to make your life easier? It turns out that there is. If you scroll down below, you’ll see a decision-tree infographic. It’s designed to make it easy for you to find the kind of show that you’d enjoy watching the most.

While it’s by no means perfect, it’s way better than going in blind. After all, the last thing you want on your travels to NYC is to wind up watching a production you don’t like. 

With that said, it’s worth pointing out that there’s rarely a bad show on at the West End. If you want a slot at one of the theatres in the area, you have to be offering something of high quality. Use the following infographic to make your pick: 

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