3 Common Reasons Your iPhone Won’t Charge

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It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, you plug your phone into its charger, but nothing happens. You turn the plug on and off again, but there’s still no response. Your phone is 1%, and you know the end is near.

Why won’t your phone charge?!

In some cases, it’s because the plug socket is broken. But, if you’ve tried it in different places with no change in the results, then other issues are afoot. If you have an iPhone, then there are usually three reasons your phone won’t charge:


#1 The charging cable is broken

A lot of the time, it’s your charging cable that’s the culprit. iPhone chargers are particularly prone to breaking, so make sure you always have a back-up – just in case.

Obviously, you can test this issue by using a different charger on your phone. If it suddenly starts charging, then you know what the issue is. Also, try using the charger in a different device.

If that device doesn’t charge, then it’s a good indication that the charger is broken.


#2 The charging port is dirty

This is a surprisingly common reason for your phone to stop charging. Honestly, it’s probably the reason you hope for as well.

Charging ports can collect a lot of dust and dirt, which prevents them from connecting to the charger correctly. As such, your phone might not charge at all, or it may connect, drop off, and so on.

To test this, try using a wireless charger on your iPhone. iPhones that are 8 or above can charge wirelessly. So, if the wireless device charges your phone, then you know the issue is probably related to the charging port.

Thankfully, you may be able to fix this problem by yourself. You can buy an iPhone cleaning kit that lets you clean the inside of the charging port. Do this, test it, and see if you have a result. Hopefully, your phone new charges without you needing to pay for any repairs!


#3 The internal circuitry is broken

Lastly, the issue could come from inside the phone. If your charging port is severely dirty or full of moisture, then this can affect the circuit board in the phone.

Most smartphones are manufactured using lpm services to try and minimize the amount of dust or moisture that enters the circuitry. So, the good news is that this problem is rare.

To test it, follow the same steps as above. Try different chargers, try charging wirelessly, then clean the port. If none of this yields any results, then the issue is probably internal.

Unfortunately, this means you need to pay to get your phone opened up and fixed! If you do need to do this, then always make sure you get it done by an Apple certified repair service.

While this article may be aimed at iPhone users, it’s probably still relevant to other devices as well. So, if you have a Samsung device that won’t charge, then the chances are it’s also down to one of these three problems!

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