How Do I Pay My Personal Assistant?

If you have a new personal assistant, it may be a new territory for you. Knowing how to pay your PA a fair rate for their time and effort is a difficult task.

You don’t want to overpay for the work they’re doing, but you don’t want to undercut them either. You can also use tools to get their paychecks to them on time and create a record of the transaction.

If you’ve been asking, “How do I pay my personal assistant?” then you need to keep reading. Here are some basics you need to know.


How Much Should My Personal Assistant Make?

You have to decide what makes the most sense for you and for your employees when it comes to payment. Balancing what you can afford with what they need to earn to make it worth their while is a tricky business.

Paying hourly might make sense for certain types of personal assistants. Alternatively, paying a salary no matter the hours might make sense for others.

Still, other employers pay per project if the work is scant enough to make either of the other options less sensible.


Clear Communication Is Key

If you have any changes come up, you have to communicate clearly. Mistakes or vague interchanges can mean having help on a weekend when you really need it if you’re willing to pay extra. It can also mean the alternative–being left high and dry without help.

When you hire your assistant, let them know if there may be occasional or frequent odd hours, as well as unusual tasks.

An assistant can help with anything from office work to household needs, but you have to communicate your expectations. This goes for payment terms as well.

Let your employees know how they will get their paycheck, how often they’ll get paid, and whether you’ll take out taxes or not.

You’ll also want to ask for the right tax paperwork if you want to have a W-9 on file from them, as well as let them know if you’ll issue a 1099 or W-2 at year-end.


Keep Records

As you make payments and provide income for an employee, you need to make sure you’re keeping enough records.

Store files in two places, and if you’re focused on being green, that means two separate physical locations for your digital records. Using a backup hard drive is an easy way to accomplish this, but you can also use the cloud.

Using a paystub generator can help with maintaining records because they offer backup files and organized ways to search your files. They also do all the calculations for you, making it easy.

It’s a better option for your employees, too, because they have a paystub they can use to apply for loans or housing options.


Financial Options for Everyone

Whatever tasks your personal assistant performs for you, you want to pay a fair wage.

Whether that’s by the hour or project, the key is that it works for both of you. If you’re asking yourself, “How do I pay my personal assistant?” then using paystub generator services can help, as long as you communicate clearly.

Choosing to employ an assistant is supposed to alleviate your workload, but if it creates too much extra work for you, it’s not worth it. Go the easy route and use a service that makes paying an assistant simple.

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