Been Unlucky in Life? That’s No Reason To Keep Paying a Surcharge on Living!


There are some expenses which are pretty much unavoidable- the roof over our heads, the food on our plates, the utilities that keep us washed and warm and our homes well lit, and the vehicles that get us to work, to school or wherever else we need to be.

And of course, the insurance that protects us if something is stolen or if we fall sick. These are the things that we factor into our household budgets and understand that they are fixed.

However, they can be difficult to keep track of when they grow as a result of things that happen to us.

If we are involved in accidents, make mistakes or simply find that our debts have spiraled out of control, the fixed costs we’re lumbered with can take up more and more of our income, leaving us with less to spend on living a life worth having.

If you’ve been unlucky in life, that’s no reason why you should have to keep paying a surcharge on living. For example…


Find cheap SR22 insurance if you’ve been charged with an auto offense

We all make mistakes. And after we’ve apologized and atoned for our mistakes we deserve to a life free of ongoing reprisals.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been found guilty of an auto offense such as driving without a license, driving without insurance or driving a vehicle with expired license plates you can find yourself paying the price (quite literally) for years via expensive SR22 insurance.

Yet, while this form of insurance is a state requirement, that doesn’t mean it has to cost you the Earth.

Check out some of the cheapest SR22 insurance providers. You may find that you’re paying way over the odds and as such, are finding it harder than necessary to right the financial ship.


Bad credit score? That doesn’t mean you can only get bad credit!

There may have been times when you have, out of desperation, reached out to lines of credit that have come back to bite you with ridiculous interest and unreasonable repayment terms.

In this instance, your debt can quickly spiral out of control. And if you can’t keep up with the repayments, this can have a disastrous effect on your credit rating.

But even if your credit rating is less than stellar doesn’t mean you can only get access to bad credit like predatory payday loan companies. From credit cards to car finance, people with bad credit have a range of reasonable options.


Debts getting out of control, you can always consolidate and pay less

Given the realities of 21st-century living, many find that debt is unavoidable. But when we owe multiple debts from numerous creditors they can be hard to manage, with different interest rates and repayment dates to contend with.

You may find your debts much more manageable if you consolidate your debts into a single repayment. You may even find that you pay less monthly and throw less away in interest payments.

A side hustles your way to freedom finally if you’ve never been lucky in the world of work, remember that your salary isn’t your only means of income.

If you have free time, talent and a will to right the ship there isn’t a situation that you can’t side hustle your way out of! A side hustle can help manage debts more easily and leave you with more disposable income to help you enjoy your life.

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