10 Electric Bike Myths Debunked


Electric bikes, or hybrid bikes as they are sometimes called, are changing the world of cycling.

There’s a lot of misinformation about there about E-bikes, though.

It’s not too hard to find hybrid bicycles for sale, but understand the truth about these 10 myths first.


#1 E-bikes Do Not Provide Exercise

This is a big one. People just assume that bikes with motors provide no exercise at all. The motors activate when you pedal to give you a boost, rather than doing the work for you.

Because the motor lets you ride for longer before getting tired, E-bikes can actually provide more exercise than traditional bikes.


#2 E-bikes Are too Slow

This is another big myth. The motors are often seen as weak, which makes some people feel as though they are better off without an electric bicycle.

In reality, E-bikes can allow you to go much faster than a normal bike, sometimes as fast as 24 or 28 miles per hour.


#3 E-bikes Are too Fast

On the flip side, you may be worried about speeding out of control.

E-bikes assist your pedaling, so you are always in control of how fast you go. If you do not want to go fast, the E-bike is not going to surprise you and accidentally speed up.


#4 There Are no E-bike Options

There are a huge number of different ways you can customize your E-bike, from solar panels, to bigger batteries, to stronger motors. You can even find mens electric bikes.

Anyone who thinks all E-bikes are the same does not know just how many options are out there.


#5 E-bikes Are Heavy

It is true that E-bikes are heavier than normal bikes. It has a motor and battery attached to it, so it is impossible for an E-bike to be the same weight or lighter.

However, you will only be able to notice this weight when lifting your E-bike off the ground. Additionally, you may be surprised how little weight is added when making the jump to an E-bike.


#6 Riding an E-bike Is Asking To Get Stranded

Worried about riding far away from your home and then the battery running out? The truth is that getting stranded was already a possibility with normal bikes, so this is nothing new.

However, E-bikes have massive batteries to prevent this. It’ll only happen if you forget to charge it.


#7 Riding E-bikes Is Cheating

This is just silly. E-bikes are only cheating in cycling competitions, where they are not allowed. There is no such thing as cheating when it comes to personal use.


#8 E-bikes Are Dangerous

This has a little truth to it. It can be dangerous to ride very fast, and E-bikes let you ride faster. However, you can ride normal bikes incredibly fast too.

Still, it is important for all riders to stay safe when riding. Because you have control over your speed, you can prevent a dangerous situation.


#9 E-bikes Are Just Motorcycles

E-bikes are electric, and motorcycles are powered by a gas engine. That is only the biggest of hundreds of differences.


The Problems Still Need To Be Worked Out

E-bikes have been around for years. New innovations are always being developed, but the initial problems are long gone by now.

Are you thinking about getting an electric bike?

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