Can Your Website Donn Your Business’ Character?


Every year there is a new trend in every industry. It’s just how the times push businesses into newer and innovative directions. A rolling stone gathers no moss as they say.

This is so often true for website design as well because it’s right at the heart of the tech industry.

Website design companies are always using the best technology and software they can get their hands on to create amazing visuals, fun navigation experiences, categorization tools and plenty of stylish color schemes.

It’s almost as if you have too much choice for what you should include in your own business website. However, the trend that is going around this year is quite easy to understand but very difficult to get right.

Injecting your website with your business’ character. What is it and how can it be done?



The proof and the impression

If you are a business that is in a cutting edge field then you will want to prove to your customers that you are in fact, one of the businesses that are leading the charge. It’s a message of improvement, evolution and continuing to set the standard. How can you communicate this with your website design?

It can be shown in a few ways; firstly you will want to have an overlay of a video or picture that shows the precise actions of what it is you do.

For example, if you’re a machine and tool company making amazing products for manufacturing brands, you will want to have a video of your tools working as the design intended in the background of your homepage. Immediately when guests arrive, they can see what it is you offer.

Secondly the impression you want to leave them with is that you are also at the fore when it comes to educating what your products are best for. So, having a category that is split up into smaller bars that go through in stages explaining the processes you undertake will be very helpful.



Go your own way

You’ve probably assumed it already, but the only way to get any kind of genuine character of your business felt in your website is to have a custom website design.

Experts will have a 4-stage process which is to discover your business and get a feel for who you are, design the website to your exact style requests, develop the functionality to give you the UX of your desire, again to develop your personality into the design and finally, to deploy the website after a few test phases.

Going your own way in your and designing a website with your own icons, typography, photographs, themes and color scheme to name a few are ways in which you deliver a unique presentation for your visitors. It’s critical that customers feel it’s easy to use, nice to look at and gives them all the information they need to know about you in a captivating manner.

Showing what it is you do exactly and why it makes you cutting edge in your industry is the first visual piece of information visitors should receive. Be mindful that your design is unique completely as things that look familiar will give off a cheap feel to your website.

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