7 Mistakes That You Need To Avoid While Filing A Car Insurance Claim


Getting involved in a car accident is unfortunate and physical injuries may compound the miseries. However, there is solace that you will get an insurance claim if you have the coverage.

Still, some vehicle owners may not be able to get their rightful claim just because of the small mistakes they make while filing it.

Therefore, it becomes significant to know the probable errors that may cost you the claim and leave you in a rut. Let us highlight these mistakes for you so that you can avoid them.


Mistake #1: Not reading your policy properly

Even while taking up a policy, you need to read through the specifications properly so that you understand its clauses. Know the coverage it offers and the premium norms as well.

This will give you a fair idea of the claim you can expect when you have an accident. Also, be regular with your premium payments so that the insurance company has no reason for denying your claim if you file one.

Review the policy again before filing the claim to ensure that you follow the right process end to end.


Mistake #2: Not notifying the insurer immediately

Another common mistake that car owners usually make is a failure to inform the insurer immediately after the accident or loss.

This may happen if you get injured and focus on recuperation. But this can be a costly mistake as you may end up losing your claim. Notifying the insurance company immediately is vital because there is generally a time frame for filing claims.

Further, the chances of getting the claim are better with early notification because you will be able to provide fresh evidence at the early stages after the accident.


Mistake #3: Not reporting the accident to the police

While informing your provider about the accident is obligatory, you must also report it to the police immediately.

Failing to report a motor vehicle accident may even lead to the violation of the policy terms because you need to have an official report of the accident or theft before proceeding with filing the claim.

Further, the evidence they collect as a part of their investigation strengthens your case and ensures that you are able to secure the claim.


Mistake #4: Poor documentation

Not keeping your documentation complete and upgraded is another grave error that may cause delay or even denial of the claim. Keep a record of every communication with the insurer through the claim process.

Also, ensure that you have all documents related to your injuries, medical treatment, and police reports. Take clear pictures of the damages even if the insurer is required to take them on their end.

All the documents and proofs should be dated to validate the evidence.


Mistake #5: Not being in touch with the witnesses

If there are eyewitnesses to the accident, they can serve as the key to securing your claim from the insurance company.

Chances are that the accident may leave you shocked but you should gather the contact details of the witnesses after the accident.

Stay in touch with them throughout the claims process because you may need them to testify for validating your accident. Not doing so means that you end up losing a critical element that makes your stand stronger.


Mistake #6: Not following up on your claim

Thinking that filing a claim with the insurance company is enough to get you the compensation is the wrong approach. The process may be tedious but you need to follow it up diligently to get your rightful compensation.

After all, the insurer is obligated to give you the coverage that it has promised under the contract. Do keep in touch with the adjuster and call them or drop emails if you do not hear from them. Ask about the progress of your claim on a regular basis.


Mistake #7: Not hiring a professional attorney

Accident insurance claims are complex because the insurance companies do everything possible to avoid them. Not having your case handled by a professional attorney puts you at a disadvantage. So, you need to call 1-800-Injured and hire a professional attorney to handle your case.

Hiring one, on the other hand, gives you the assurance that all your rights are being protected and the evidence being used in a proper way to secure the claim in your favor. A lawyer can guide you about what statements to make to the company because the latter will try to mold the case in their favor.

Avoiding these mistakes can improve your chances of securing the insurance claim to a considerable extent. Be sure that you follow the right process to get adequate compensation as soon as possible.

Have you ever made these mistakes while filling a car insurance claim?

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