4 Things You Need to Know About a Group Disability Insurance Claim


Disability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance since it protects your ability to earn an income.

It provides you income coverage up to a certain percentage for a limited amount of time when you’re unable to work due to an injury or an illness. Group disability insurance provides this coverage for a group of people, often through an employer.

If you’ve recently become part of a group disability insurance policy and are curious about how it works or have unfortunately been rendered unable to work due to an injury an illness, learning about your insurance plan is key.


#1 First, make sure you’re covered

You should regularly check all your active insurance policies to make sure your coverage is valid and active. For you to start a group disability insurance claim you need to be covered under a valid plan, become ill or injured in such a way that you can’t work (including mental health), and be under the care of a doctor.

If you find out you’re not covered when you feel you should have been or are denied a claim, you may need help dealing with insurance claims. This is when it’s best to consult a law firm that has familiarity in these issues so they can offer advice on how to proceed.


#2 Apply within the time limit

Every insurance provider requires you to submit your claim within a certain period of time, depending on whether you’re applying for long-term or short-term disability.

The earlier you apply, the sooner you will start receiving payments. This is key if you don’t want to go without income. If you’re applying for short-term disability, you usually have to apply within ten days of your last day of work. For long-term disability, you should apply no later than 4 weeks before you become eligible for long-term disability benefits.

Depending on your coverage, you may not need to submit a second for long-term disability if you already have an active claim under short-term disability.


#3 Your medical information will not be shared with your employer

Many people worry about revealing their personal information to their employer if they have to put in a group disability claim.

Whether you are suffering from mental health issues or physical issues, your insurance provider is not permitted to share your medical information with your employer.

The only things they are allowed to share is whether you’re eligible for benefits, what your return-to-work plan is, what they need to know to help make your work easier when you return (such as specific limitations on movements).


#4 You need a return-to-work plan

When you go off work on a group disability claim, your insurance provider will immediately start working with you to put into a place a return-to-work plan.

This is something that is done as a team, where you will work with your plan administrator, your doctor, and your claims specialist to help determine the best plan of action to get you well and get you back to work when you’re ready.

Have you ever had to file a disability claim?

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