3 Important Things To Include On Your Personal Website

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Your personal website is where you can showcase who you are, and what your professional achievements are, too.

This is a great addition to your online personal brand, and getting it right could mean that you secure a higher chance of getting more interest from employers, and people who are looking to hire you for freelance services, too. Whilst it’s pretty easy to set up a personal website, there are some important things that you should include on it if you really want to make an impact.

Here’s what we think you should nail on your site.


#1 An ‘about’ page

One of the most important things to get right on your website is the ‘about’ page, and this is what will really connect you with your potential employers (and others). Personalizing your page is key because it allows people to see who you really are, and where your priorities lie.

Make it professional, but a little light-hearted, too. This is where you should share a little bit about you, and you don’t want it to be too serious, or it won’t connect with the people that you’re trying to connect with. Adding a photograph of yourself is a nice touch here, as it allows people to envision you and who you are, too.


#2 Your portfolio

Another important thing to include on your site is your portfolio, and this should give people an overview of all of the work that you have completed in the past (and perhaps some of those projects that are a work in progress).

Most employers don’t have time to look through masses of information to find out what your past work looks like, so make sure that this is readily available, or that you have something to show them when they send you an inquiry through a contact form.

You shouldn’t have to spend days putting this together, as your portfolio should be there already, just waiting for that potential employer!


#3 Some professional branding

Your personal brand can be enhanced by how well your website is designed, and how you use branding to really sell yourself in the process. Perhaps you can use a logo creator to place a logo at the top of your site, which makes it look that little bit more professional?

Or you could get a graphic designer to help you with your site, especially if you’re not very tech-savvy? The most important thing on your personal website is how you brand yourself, and the first impression that you make. You don’t want it to be a negative one, and you certainly don’t want people to be put off by your site as soon as they enter it.

So, if you’re looking to start your own personal website, then make sure that you include these simple things. An ‘about’ page, an up-to-date portfolio, and some professional branding will all help to make the impact that you want to make on your potential employers. Good luck, and have fun building your personal website!

What things are you including on your personal website?

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