Say Cheese! 16 Video Marketing Tips For Your Business


When the comes to the new year with your business you will likely want to try a few things to freshen up your branding and give it some new flair for your audience.

Marketing is always something that is inspiring for your brand and if you are able to, video marketing can be a good way up to your game and bring something new to the table.

Here are some of our top tips if you fancy bringing in some video marketing to your brand this year.

#1 Tell a Story

If you ever want to really engage your audience and make a good first impression you will want to make sure that they see you as a real person and not just a brand.

Small businesses can have a hard time breaking into the world against other companies so it is always handy if you are able to show some of your personality as this is often what can change the way people see you.

Whether you send out a video email or a YouTube video to your audience, you will do well by introducing yourself and telling a story about you, how your company started, and other things too.

For instance, you can make an explainer video breaking down the complex features and benefits of your product into simple, easy-to-understand language. When done correctly, explainer videos can help you increase customer interest and engagement by making your product more relatable and engaging.

If you’re looking to produce professional explainer videos that can help your business succeed, partner with a professional explainer video production company that has experience in creating high-quality, informative videos.

#2 Crucial first five seconds

If you think about the way that customers’ minds work, if you can’t grab their attention within the first few seconds of your video, they will click off and go elsewhere.

For example, you might notice that the biggest YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie, will always start his videos with a random outburst or something which immediately grabs the attention of the audience.

It is a shock factor or interest like this which keeps you watching and this is why you need to think about how you introduce your content. Take cues from some of the biggest creators and see what you can do.

#3 Style

You will be able to achieve this by employing video editing apps. There are so many templates, effects, and animation styles that can help you impart your signature style to any video.

At the end of the day, you need something to grab the attention of your audiences, and at the same time, get your signature video style going. Using a credible video editing app can help you in this regard.

#4 Don’t focus on the product

Most video marketing is too focused on the products and the issue with this is that people don’t really want to know about products. They want to see your video for genuine content and they want to think about who you are and what you can offer.

Instead of being overtly an advert for your products, consider doing something useful with your products in the video or telling a story and relating it back to the products at the end.

#5 Don’t Be Boring

Whatever you do when you come to create a video, make sure you aren’t boring! It is something which can be each if you aren’t used to making content, but you need to look at other creators and see how they make their videos more exciting.

You can try a few different techniques and think of adding the odd joke here and there for good measure! Making a good impression means that you don’t want your audience to fall asleep halfway through the video!

#6 Take a risk

There is nothing more vital and titillating than some controversy. If you can subtly add something a little risqué into your content without corrupting the integrity of your business, you’ll likely drum up some pretty amazing interest.

A good example of a brand that is great at telling some funny jokes and also taking pop culture and using it for their marketing is KFC. They can be a good one to watch and they are personable online and always use techniques to drum up interest for their brand.

#7 Make it Mobile Friendly

If you want to make video content that will be watched by as many people as possible you need to be sure that the content you are creating is mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

This will include thinking about the screen resolution, the orientation of your video, and other settings such as the color and volume.

Be sure to share your videos on a platform that is supported on multiple devices such as YouTube or Facebook because these can be useful for your brand anyway.

#8 SEO

One thing which you can never escape when making content, even when you are making content for video, is SEO. SEO will always have an impact on your video content and the way it is seen on search engines.

Make sure when you upload a video that you use the best tags and title you can as well as using the description to really drive those keywords home for the better.

It will make a big difference to the ranking of your video and if you are lucky it will appear on the first page of Google video search results and be seen by many.

#9 Embed Your URL in the Video

When creating a video for your brand, this is another great opportunity to really hammer home your website and social media accounts.

When making the video you could find it useful to have the website appear at the bottom of the screen and you can even think about letting it appear in the corner of your video for the entire duration.

This can be incredibly handy for you and it will drive more people to visit your site after watching to find out more about you and what you can do for them.

#10 Educate Your Audience

When it comes to content creation, there is always something great about making a video that teaches your audience something useful.

For example, if you are a company that sells cleaning products, your videos could demonstrate the best ways to use your products as well as share some helpful cleaning hacks for people to use at home.

If you can bring some real value to your audience you can make all the difference when it comes to how they view you and your content.

#11 Add music

If you want to create a professional and fun video for your audience, one thing which you will always want to do is add some music in there to add to the content you are sharing.

Music can have a huge effect on the psychology of people and if you choose the right music they will be in the right mood to listen and watch your content.

#12 Use customers

A fun thing you can do for your branding is to actually run an event where your customers can share videos with you and you can then edit these together into a collaborative post.

It can be talking about your products, sharing their hacks and tips, or even recipes. Involving your community is always a good way to drum up interest and also to keep them engaged for longer.

#13 CTA

A CTA, or call to action, is something you can add at the end of a video that will tell people what they should do next. This means that you can add a request for people to like and share the video, subscribe to your channel, or visit your website for more content.

It is important when you do this that you do it as naturally as you can as to not sound to sales. Consider just mentioning at the end of the video that if they want to learn more or find more content they can do A, B, or C.

#14 Behind the scenes

Something which can definitely set you apart from the rest of your competitors is the ability to share things from behind the scenes in your office and also share exclusive looks at things like photoshoots and projects.

Doing this adds a real human element to your brand and it will make people want to interact with you and be a part of what you are doing.

#15 Keep it short and sweet

When you make a video for your audience the best idea is to keep the content as concise as you can and always think about making sure you don’t waffle on for too long with what you are saying.

Short and sweet videos which get to the point are easier for people to fit into their day and for this reason, you are much more likely to get the views and engagement you need for your business.

#16 Editing

When you have finished making your video this is only half of the work done, you also need to make sure that you edit the video the best you can to make it the best it can be.

Never rush the editing process and be sure that you always take the time out to watch and rewatch the video until it is just right.

It might take some time but it is always better to be safe than sorry and you want to provide the best video you can to your audience.

What are some video marketing tips that your business is doing?

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